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Morrowind with Better Graphics


Morrowind doesn't need an explanation: either you love it or you don't.

A few cool graphic mods seem to have been out for some time, now, making Morrowind more enjoyable than ever. Once I had my run in Oblivion about 4 years back, I somehow shied from playing Morrowind again. Yep, I'm that shallow :wink:

The vids speak for themselves, methinks.


I'm at work and they block youtube but when I get back home I'll definitely check this.

Morrowind was one of (if not THE) most atmospheric games I've ever played. I used to wish that I could actually visit the place. I spent too many of my summer holidays walking around the ponds and bogs.

If they really have improved the graphics, then this game shall carry me into the next decade.


I really want to see the fight with Dagoth Ur with these upgraded graphics.


So I'm guessing this is a PC Update and not Xbox/360? I actually still play it here and there, The dungeon hunting is great in that game. The one thing I was a little dissapointed by was the equipment levels. There aren't enough of them and there isn't enough variety. At least in oblivion, when you get high level you can find some pretty stellar randomized magical items. Oh well both games still rock. 10 years ahead of thier time.



If "Did you ever walked through Morrowind..." isn't a meme, it needs to be.


Nice! This game kept me up late a lot in undergrad. My roommates thought it was retarded, but they were addicted to the Sims and Spider Solitaire, so...yeah.


The game that has stolen more of my life than anything else, WoW included, even purtier. Now I need a better comp.


crap i can't see these either. is this a combination of recent mods or one huge overhaul? could you supply a link?


I agree. This game sapped hours a day out of my life, for years. The game just never got old. There was always a dungeon to take down. There was always a little extra athletic ability to be gained by jumping your way to the destination.

And then there were the glistening swords. Fuck. I must play this again.


For some reason I remember Morrowind looking exactly the same as in those videos.


it would be great in the next one if you could see everything,every texture from any distance. Then that would be GREAT


and it'll come with a cure for AIDS.


looks like shit compared to crysis on max setting on my shiny new alienware..
its all about gameplay anyways.. im having a blast with the sc2 beta atm while crysis collects dust.


The Boots of Blinding Speed were the shit!! Get the the one brest plate from thw Wizards Tower with 60% magic res. and you where good to go


haha I wondered if I was the only one who jumped everywhere. In fact everytime I made a new char I'd go to the sift rider ramps and just smash the key walking up the ramp and you'd rump around 50 times, then jump the entire distance down. You'd get about 10 skills points for the first fall. I'd do that shit for hours. I refuse to ever install that again, need to keep my gpa high.


Ha. To get my block skills up I used to leave my character standing there whilst I had lunch or dinner, and let him absorb hits from this shitty little pond crabs. All day long. By the end no one could touch me.

I think I gave myself repetitive strain injury by jumping from place to place and also by masturbating to the awesomeness of the game.


eff it, i'm reinstalling it. Tamriel Rebuilt already has two huge sections of the mainland built. here: www.tamriel-rebuilt.org


hahhaa genious about the crab thing. I'd often just change turn the tv on and just keep hitting the jump button. Once that was at a hundred you could jump from the highest point on the map to the lowest and not take damage, not to mention jump halfway across cities, made running from guards easy.


100 Acrobatics + Scroll of Icarian Flight = Awesome


Anyone try these new graphic upgrades? I haven't played Morrowind since Oblivion came out, but I still miss it's atmosphere. I liked the Bloodmoon expansion as well. I might have to dust off the cd and get back to gaming. Offtopic, anyone hear anything about a new Elder Scrolls game coming out anytime in the near future?