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Morrison Butler vs Kung Fu Master

Without delving into the history behind this confruntation, seems that old guy challenged Butler to a bareknuckle fight saying that ground fighting was unimportant.

Appeared to be a young buck, that looks like he proabably trains a bit and is in reasonable shape, against an old fat fuck.

what the fuck was that fat guy even trying to do? Close the distance with his mustache?

Sad. Such a mismatch, fighting styles aside.

Man what a bad ass I hope one day I can fight 50 year old fat kung fu masters. Kids got a bright future in fighting.

MMA fighter vs old fat guy who knows kung fu but doesnt throw a single punch

seriously the only aggressive thing he did was grab onto his shirt.

and the MMA guy threw like 5 straight to the face punches when the guy had his hand up to stop it.