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I keep seeing these commericals on TV. What's the deal with this stuff? What justifies the $84 price tag I saw on it? Its everywhere...like a disease...


You need to ask? Just look at the awe-inspiring physique of Living Legend Larry Zybysko and you'll see why its taking the nation by storm!


Yeah he looks like crap so I'm certain of the sarcasm. And no I've never heard of anyone taking it. All I've seen is those commericals with the juggy women telling me about how they lost weight and gain 5 lbs of lbm without working out at all!

I just dont see how anyone could market that stuff. What is it supposed to have in it thats so revolutionary?

Probably too worthless to find out...


Just another expensive 'fat burner' with some BCAA's and herbs thrown together. Cant find the doses - didnt look to hard though.

Active Ingredients:
? Vitamin B-12 (methylcobalamine)
? Avena Sativa Extract
? L-leucine
? L-isoleucine
? L-valine
? Inosine Anhydrous
? Cayenne 40,000 HUT
? Guarana Seed Extract (caffeine)
? Yerba Mate Extract
? Black Pepper Extract
? Mustard Seed Powder
? Hoodia Gordonii 20:1 Extract