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Morpheus, I'm Taking the Red Pill


I've made great strides using Thibs and others various techniques over the past year. But I never really read into Thibs new training protocols: perfect rep, neural charge training, sled and eccentric-less training, etc.

So for the next two weeks, I'm going to read every article and LiveSpill and watch every video to understand these training methods.

After 2 weeks, I'll know if can place exercises I like such as: 400m sprints, KB Swings, TGU's and a few others in his system. I'll learn if I still use lactate training sessions to lose that little bit of fat before I go to Hawaii or can I use these exercise protocols instead.

From a quick read, these concepts go a little against what I do, but hey, you're always learning.




Thank god, we've all been waiting for you.


Hey, I've always wanted to ask questions, but some of you guys bite peoples heads off. So might as well learn and experiment before I ask questions that may seem obvious to a lot of you who have been doing the program for awhile.

I've heard people discuss these concepts at my gym. Some say it's just a way for tmag to sell overpriced protein products. Some say if you want to make body composition changes that would normally take 12 weeks but in 9, give it a try.

I'm sure there's a few people out there that want to give it a try also.


I using alot of CT's HPmass stuff - Its the most fun i ever had training and its working!

Train most everyday, using a few staple exercises. Using mostly sets of 3 with some double's and singles for max effort work.

I also use the staggered upper back protocol with higher reps. The emphasis on upper back work and the inclusion of OHP has really improved my right shoulder. Probably the best its felt in 5 plus years.

Bill Starr is quoted has saying that shoulder injuries became more prevalent when people switch to the bench press and neglected the OHP. I think he might be onto something.


I just started the second week of CT's new program, and adding OHPs has reduced a lot of my shoulder pain i had from injuries in wrestling in the first week.


I completely agree. Thibs was so right about OHPing before benching, I feel such a better contraction in my upper back muscles, my shoulders have never felt so stable.

Hp mass workouts may you feel like your high on crack, the nervous system buzz in on another level.


OP, you mention lactate training for fat loss. Have you also read Poliquin's German Body Comp Training? I just wondered because that's what his book was all about...not sure what Thibs thinks about it, but I enjoyed it.


That's the first book I ever bought from Poliquin, but it was first named Manly Weight Loss. TC mentioned this book I believe during the fist few issues of Testosterone.net called Bowlful of Jelly.

Thib from Refined Physique Transformation:

Ever since Coach Poliquin started to use lactate-inducing workouts for cutting phases, these types of workouts have been the gold standard when it comes to lifting for fat loss. An increase in lactate production is linked to a surge in growth hormone output (that lasts up to an hour or two after the completion of the workout) which facilitates the mobilization of stored fat. This means that more fat is burned for energy.

The keys to inducing a maximum lactate production are:
a) Performing a high density of work.
b) Avoiding muscle unloading during a set.
c) Train the whole body or at least a large portion of the body

As long as all these elements are respected, any lactate-inducing workout will work รข?? circuits, Tabatas, complexes, German Body Comp, etc. As lactate production is maximized, fat loss will happen. There are no secret workouts: focus on lactate production and you can't go wrong!

I haven't read or seen all the videos on High Performance Training, so I'm interested how he trains for fat loss or is it strictly manipulating peri workout nutrition.


I tried alot of fatloss style training a few years ago. I rather try to run hills or something then lifting to blow me away. :smiley:

I doubt i'll ever lift weights again for fatloss.


I took his advice and did the same. OH pressing at the start of every pushing session helped me out tremendously. I started GVT a little over a month ago, and there is no prescribed OH work. It wasn't a surprise when my shoulder pains returned. I'll be starting HP Mass soon also, after I test my 3RM for the main lifts.