Moron on Steroids

Not really fit for the steroid forum as it doesnt have to do with cycles/present anything new.

Ya hear that guys? Not one ounce. He doesn’t care what you say, not one ounce, and ya hear that T-Nation. You cant write anything about how I should train because you train with steroids. Cheater.

I am going to reply yo this dickhead GGGRRR

It does not matter what sups you use to get big, if you do not continue to eat well and train you will lose any muscle gained whether it is naturally gained or using steroids.

I smell somebody who doesn’t feel the slightest bit guilty about perpetuating egregious falsehoods regarding an already completely misunderstood topic because it will serve in marketing the product he is pushing and he can line his pocket with the cash he milks from the ignorant and insecure who believe him.

The sorry thing is, this guy probably has some good stuff to say about other things training related (I don’t actually know), but now, even if he does, every word that comes out of his mouth can be considered suspect.

you know, every once in awhile i see a youtube video like this where the video is just someone sitting there talking.

i really don’t understand, but whats the point? who watches these things? i thought youtube was just a place for people to host pirivted tv show clips, music, and good video’s of face plants…

who would seriously bother to search youtube for instructional video any ANYTHING? any asshat (like this guy) can just get on and say whatever he wants… if i want to see instructional video, or hear social debate, i won’t go to youtube…

oh, and am i right in thinking there are whole youtube “shows”?

Where do these clowns get off on videotaping themselves as if they’re the host of some TV show about bodybuilding?

Hey hey guys… He doesn’t care what anyone says. Fuck your science!

He glosses over the cancer thing like he just threw it in to pad the “myriad of side effects”.

Who uses steroids to “get in shape”? You use the shit to get huge.

What a dick head.

Watch some of his other video’s.

so we only need 15 extra grams of protein a day to gain a pound of muscle a week. WTF!!!

LOL i was going to post that 15 grams of protein one too

Overall, most of his stuff seems to be alright. At least by modern internet/video portal standards.

I have seen much worse.

Check out the one with his shirt off, he looks shit for 20 years of working out

It’s called credibility. Tell the truth and people will listen. Say false shit, and people shut you off, and post your lies as a joke. Now, if he said, “I’m not going to lie to you and say steroids don’t work, because they do…, but…”, then I may listen to what the fool has to say.

He seems to be preaching to out of shape housewives for the most part, I think thats why that “episode” was so full of bullshit.

[quote]Petrichor wrote:
Overall, most of his stuff seems to be alright. At least by modern internet/video portal standards.

I have seen much worse.[/quote]

He’s clearly an idiot.

I hate everyone of this pricks video.

Looks like Bushy replied.

Rofl, the steroid using the 20lb weights and you are using 50s.

Damn I didn’t know AAS just filled you up with air.

After watching that first video its very clear he has no clue what hes talking about. I wouldnt waste another 2 minutes of my life watching anything else this guy puts out.

[quote]GetSwole wrote:
Looks like Bushy replied.[/quote]

Yeah, I thought that was pretty interesting. I guess he does stuff outside of what I see on T-Nation.

Either that, or someone else liked his handle, stole it, and then learned a bunch about steroids.

i also laughed at his stupid comment about 20lb db’s…

but if you have watched other video’s that this guy has done he uses the same logic for every subject. he just pulls facts out of air.