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Moron Exercises

Check out this site - fantastic fun!!!


Thank you Platehead. That is absolutely fucking hilarious. Maybe those idiots can get the best of both worlds and oxysize while they chairdance. This is weird though because I chairdanced once. I/we were to drunk to stand and we could only just move our arms and legs. I think I was also breathing at the time as well. I didn’t realise I had stumbled on a breakthrough in fitness. Too drunk I guess. Maybe someone should tell the dolts at NAAFA about this. Hmmm…

Fucking genius! I haven’t laughed that hard in years. I wonder if the NAAFA people are buying into this. Thanks Platehead!

bump–>guys this is truly hilarious…hahaha thanks paltehead this really cracked me uppp

Checked it out. Made me laugh out loud. Everyone, this is a classic - give this guy some more bandwidth!

haha chair dance and oxycize… oh man that’s a keeper

Yeah, it’s amazing really… Even more amazing they are actually real! I think I may post this on NAAFA.ORG in a sneaky fashion - like I did chair dancing and I went from 300lbs to fitness model in 6 months!!!

Done - posted on NAAFA.ORG, we’ll see what responses I get…

There’s no way the NAAFA peeps could handle the chair workout, as their plates are far too loaded with food to be lifted in such a stressing manner. In addition, they would most likely break the chair. I strongly beleive the premise of Oxycise is the inducing of bulemia via watching the reotard in the leotard (MBE copyright on that one), thus forcing an upchuck of unimaginable quantity. I’m currently working on my own video to add to the already saturated market. I call it “The Autoerotic Asphyxiation Success Series”, or, A(A)SS. I provide two tapes, one of breathing and pull ups you can do while strung up on the rope or cord of your choice, the other of beastiality porn to “complete” the workout too. Not availible in Utah. Lata.

"MBE: Moron Mogul since 1780."


“Beastor, Gayest Man in the World, The Flying Mummy, and Her Young Snack.” I can barely type, let alone see the screen, because I’m laughing to the point of tears! “You can easily spot a chair dancer because they can flap a paper plate at you without falling from a chair!” This is too much!

on a sidenote, i was in the mall today and rolled by gnc to grab a snack bar cuz i was in a rush…saw “Exercise in a Bottle”—>yeah, that was actually the name of whatever the hell it was…Exercise in a Bottle was on sale for $1 a bottle. i guess i shoulda picked one up as my workout today wasn’t the best hah. and once again, if you havent peeped the original link yet----> do so, it is utterly HIIIIIILARIOUSSSSSSSSS

I’ve squat has been at a plateau for the last 2 years, so I think I should start cycling that Oxycise. It looks like it’ll make me huge. :slight_smile: