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Morning Workouts


I have very little options on when to train. First thing in the morning is free before work so I was thinking about combining my cardio and weights into the same workout. Anyway I was wanting to perform cardio for 20min on a empty stomach and then do 40min of weight-training while drinking Surge for energy and recovery.

My goals are mainly fat loss, but I want to gain back some muscle in the process. Anyway I have the option for six(6) morning workouts mon-sat, I was thinking two(2) straight cardio, four(4) cardio/Weights. Any thoughts for maximum impact?



other than that try it see how it works.


you could alternate cardio and lifting days, or you could try something along the lines of CW's 10x3 for fat loss, where you do 20 mins of cardio after you lift. just a suggestion.


i train in the mornings and alternate weight days with cardio days. simple.


I hit the weights in the morning alternating weights and cardio as well. works well. I get in around 06:00 and workout for 1 - 1 1/4 hour.

Be sure to eat something with moderate protien and carbs prior to weight training workouts. And nothing (except water) prior to your cardio only workouts.


I normally train around 5.15am and either do weights followed by some cardio or a hard cardio session. Either way, I can't eat beforehand, or drink anything but water, because it makes me feel ill. I've never found a lack of food has held me back in my workouts, whereas the nausea if I have eaten definitely does.

So I workout and eat like a horse around 7. You have to find what works for you.