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Morning Workouts - Nausea

I just started working out in the morning (7:00 - 8:00 am) and I’m feeling very nauseous during my workout. Is it cause I’m working out straight in the morning before eating anything?

I know many others workout out even earlier in the morning, like 6:00 am, and I’m sure a handful of them don’t eat their first meal till after the workout. During my workout I sip on Surge Workout Fuel and post workout take Surge Recovery.

Any suggestions? Should I eat my first meal before my first workout? Should I have something like 2 scoops of superfood when i wake up prior to my workout?


Quit being a puss man…

First off you should always eat before your workout if you don’t you are a complete fool!!! I usually eat around 5:00am and workout around 6:15-6:30am. I make a decent sized breakfeast every morning it is a MUST. I have never worked out on an empty stomach so I would not know what its like. You should atleast drink a whey shake and some nuts or peanut butter upon waking + superfood…

lol @ quit being a puss. If I’m feeling dizzy when I workout than it’s obv not optimal. I just asked because people in the SWF thread have been saying they have been feeling nauseous during workout, but I had a feeling that it was probably more about me working out so early without anything in my stomach. But yes, I shall man up and eat in the morning before I workout.

I am impressed that you lift weights first thing in the morning. I can barely lift my cup of coffee.

Nauseous isn’t good…I agree…eat… drink…and warm up a bit.

I ususally eat breakfast and then wait about an hour before working out; but if time is short, you can probably grab a protein bar or something light and then begin.

That should be enough to combat nausea.