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Morning Workouts and Fat Loss

I just read the Fasted-state cardio thread over in the Dog Pound, and since I’m not a Dog Pounder (my dog is very grateful for this, by the way) I figured I would post some of my observations here.

For a little over a month I split my workouts up, doing Oly lifts and abs in the morning, and “slow” execises (squats, bench, etc.) at night. I found that without adjusting my diet whatsoever, I leaned out a bit, losing somewhere in the neighborhood of .5% - 1% body fat. Volume, intensity, etc. stayed the same.

JB and JM posted some great info in the other thread about why the traditional thinking behind morning cardio might be flawed. However, from my personal experience, it does seem that there’s some kind of fat loss benefit to working out in the morning… It could be that it allowed me to boost my metabolism twice in the same day, or it could be that my workouts were a little more intense since I was splitting them up.

Anyway, I just thought I would post this and see what y’all thought, and see if maybe anyone else had any experience with this sort of thing.