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Morning Workout/Stupid Doctor


So, Ive been having some serious fatigue lately. Started thinking maybe hpothyroidism, maybe diabetes, but I dont show alot of symptoms for diabetes.

I go see the doctor, and I tell him I work out early in the morning. He gives me this real accusing type question about why I workout in the morning and I say “Well, arent your testosterone levels highest early in the morning” and he says “Well, what do you think thats going to help you build muscle”?..I didnt say anything, but in the back of my mind Im thinking “Yea I do think it will help build muscle moron”…

Question is, Im still dieting, and was/am doing Waterburys Total Body Training. I figured that early, plus the caloric defecit, lack of motivation etc etc, maybe overtraining? Maybe too much for the CNS to handle that early in the morning? Could the doc be on to something or is he blowing smoke up my ass?

BTW- I work out in the morning mostly because I go to a large University and the gym is slammed later in the day, so early in the morning I can superset and everything since there is hardly anyone there around 6am.


Many people work out early in the morning without problems. The underlying problem may be nutritional.

BTW-Although your MD doesn’t know anything about training or test, I can’t imagine how a morning workout itself would be more anabolic (with the exception of the prolonged duration of subsequent food intake).

The easiest way to find out is to switch your workout time to later in the day. Because of some of the carzy work schedules I have had in my life, I have trained at almost all hours of the day. I used to enjoy early morning workouts to start the day, but would say now that it is better to be up and moving around for at least 5 or 6 hours. The muscles, joints and CNS seem to be more ready for the work then.

I doubt the early morning workouts are causing excess fatigue however. Look around at the rest of your life for possible causes.

As far as the doctor, dont worry about it. There are some great ones out there, but there are also many, many morons who shouldn’t be within 100 yards of a human body. The good ones I have found seem to know how to take care of themselves first…ie. you wont see them
carrying 50 pounds of lard and chain smoking. I wouldnt worry about him too much.

There is evidence (I have the refs) to suggest that male maximal strength peaks about 2 hours after waking and then again early evening, approx 6-7 hours after waking. These diurnal varuations in strength have a direct relation to the changes in body temperature throughout the circadian rythym.

I mean the strength being optimal doesn’t necessarily mean its going to be potentially anabolic for you but if you don’t have time later on in the day, training 2 hours after you get up seems like a worthwhile idea.

I’m doing TBT as well, and it’s my first TB program. And I’ve gotten a bad cold twice in the past 7 weeks, which is not normal for me.

I’ve found that if I’m not getting 9 hours of sleep per night, on average, I am run down, and evenutally end up getting sick. If I were you I’d check my diet, and get more quality sleep.

ps- getting drunk and sleeping for 12 hours does not count as quality sleep.

Don’t worry about the dr. There are some dipshits out there.

At a guess I’d say overtraining is kicking your arse.

Good news it’s an easy fix. Up your sleep. Up your food. Reduce your volume.

If you still feel down, maybe a wk or two off lifting and just concentrating on diet will be what you need.

Remember your body WANTS to be healthy. You just have to give it the chance and it will bounce back to 100% in no time.