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Morning Workout? Please Advise


Can't do the 9pm workout anymore. Just too worn out because of work to really get in a good workout. My question has probably been answered on these boards multiple times but I failed even more at using the search engine.

So question is...

Will a starbucks coffee in the morning be enough before my workout? I never usually have any problems in the past but I figured some coffee and then workout would be ok. Then i'd come home and eat my bacon and eggs.



how could your body possibly perform optimally when it has no nutrients to make energy?

and your body has been in a catabolic state all night long...

it doesn't take that long to make eggs and toast.


Whey and oats


seriously man x2.

at military school we had 0530 PT mon-fri.

i remember one day having the schedual flopped and getting a briefing in the morning and not doing PT until after morning chow.

man, i dont know about everyone else, but after some bacon, eggs, toast and oatmeal, i freaking ROCKED peoples friggin dicks off on PT that morning.

i could imagine it'd be even more noticible with weight training.

just buy some egg whites man, toss them in a hot pan while u toast the bread.

if anything, have soem Grow! when you first wake up.


You don't just go into catabolism when you go to sleep, you get most recovery whilst asleep which is why it's so important.

Generally I'd avoid the morning workout, I do it in January to avoid all the new years resolutioners, but I just don't feel like my body/CNS is awake enough to get maximum benefit, and like HolyMacaroni said, having some food in you just feels a lot better I find.

Then again if you feel fine and it works do it haha.


3x for food. If you're really pressed for time, throw some protein powder, milk, and fruit in a blender and down that before your workout.


i do morning workouts so im not too tired after school/work and i just make sure im always up about 45-60 mins before i want to workout. I drink two cups of coffee and have my eggs and oatmeal and feel even better than when i used to work out later in the day. But make sure you eat something unless your just gonna do cardio. Sure you get a little less sleep but it is worth it to feel good all day long.


I get up and have 1 scoop of Surge and 1 scoop of Grow! in 12 oz cold water. It's not optimal, but I don't throw it up either. So that's good.


1 cup of dry oatmeal, scoop of peanut butter, cinnamon, throw it in a blender with some water and drink. Throw in a hard boiled egg or 2 if you want and your fine.