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Morning Workout Meal Plan


Can anyone help me with some meal plan if i do a morning workout at 7 a. what should i eat before a workout ?


General advice for a general question;

Protein + Carbs

The sources would depend on how you feel working out on full stomach/ how much earlier you'll wake up. Unless you'll eat at 4-5 am go with something rather quicker digested, check the pre workout protocols from the website. I'd personally go with a protein shake, few bananas/ granola bars and coffee.


I wake up at 6am. As previous poster stated, protein and carbs. I have 2 scoops of whey protein and a piece of toast. Workout at 7am. Shower and head to work and have a full breakfast there.


If you are waking up and immediately lifting i.e. changing and driving straight to the gym, then Plazma will be more than sufficient.

If I am working out an hour or so after waking up, I usually wake up and have a serving if MAG-10 and then Plazma 15-20 minutes before and during my training. This has not failed me once.