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Morning Workout Advice?


I lift 3 days a week (MWF) when I get up at 4am, any advice for lifting on an empty stomach? I always try to eat some carbs and protein before bed but I am worried about running on empty is causing slow gains?


What's stopping you from eating? Even if it is 4 am. How 'bout a banana at least. I know I can't lift on an empty stomach no matter what time of day (or night) it is.


the best thing would be to not get up so early, and lift later in the day, after a relaxing morning of smelling the flowers and having the hired help bathe you.

Failing that, maybe a third or half of a protein shake and a pc of fruit like an apple. there are a bunch of ideas on the pwo thread here:



I've done it on a regular basis, and its hard, but doable. Put the coffee on a timer, and get it down right when you get up and also down a preworkout drink with some carbs and protein and maybe a stimulant. I could never get real food down, but I could always slam down the drink. If you have one available, stretch and do mobility work in a sauna. Then jump rope or box jump or something to get the blood moving. The hardest day is deads, you have to really make sure the fluids are moving before you pull. If you are late, don't skip warm-up, skip pulling, or you will get injured.


If I had to lift that early I'd have a homemade protein bar the second I woke up.


Just go for a peri workout drink like Surge Workout Fuel or Surge Recovery. Some gatorade and whey will work as well.



Same hear I have been on the 4:30 gig for years. Set the coffee the night before. I will put a little pro powder in my coffee, half a banana, a glass of water and a pre workout drink of some sort. Good warm up, foam roller, and some big stretches.


Thanks - will give the coffee/powder combo - I stick to heavy lifts for Mondays when I am off - I work a 4/10 hour work week.


Been doing it for years. I work 13 hour days four days a week. Coffee on timer and i use a preworkout formula that has 20 g of protein. Never ever lift on an empty stomach. Do deads in the beg. of the week when Im more fresh. Jump rope or 12 min on treadmill for warmup.. Good luck