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Morning Wood

Okay from 10/25-11/14 I cycled tribilus w. ZMA – three servings a day for a week, and one serving a day for two weeks. Like some people mentioned, it didn’t do jack shit for me. In addition, I went from having rock hard morning woods every single day to rarely, to not at all the last week.

Now, I can’t say it was the trib. that gave me this result directly. I also made some other changes in my diet – I played around with my pre/peri workout nutrition. I went from have five whole-food meals and one whey protein shake w. poptarts PWO, to having BSN’s syntha-6 w. WMS 30min. preworkout, whey protein and WMS during my workout, and more whey protein afterwards.

One thought that crossed my mind, was introducing soy (through snytha-6) into my diet on a daily basis. I haven’t had any soy products in over 9 months until now, and currently take at least two servings of S-6.

Considering that morning wood is the best indicator of T-levels, as Beradi has stated, this concerns me. I’ve used ZMA in the past and have always got morning woods, although now I’m not getting those results. I’m considering going back to more whole-food meals, although I certainly don’t want to have a half-tub of S-6 and WMS lying around.

Another note I always get plenty of sleep, 8hrs and up to ten if I can. Sorry for the long post, does anyone have an idea how I can get back on track to rock hard morning woods? Thanks!