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Morning Wood Survey


Isn’t that a LOT of mucuna?


5 grams a day for I think 12 weeks or 20 weeks was used in the research program. Start out lower and work your way up. As per examine.com:
“ One large double blind study noted no significant adverse effects from 15-30g of Mucuna Pruriens powder over the course of 12-20 weeks aside from one patient suffering from vomiting, which was deemed unrelated to the bioactivity of Mucuna but rather its digestability and palatability.[19]


Interesting. Good post.

I’ve played around w it but never at those doses. Maybe like 800-1600mg a night.

I have some around. Maybe I’ll try more.


I fee nothing below 2 grams. The libido boost at the right dosage is intense. Best to cycle it. 5 days on, 2 days off. Mucuna also has other penile benefits, (also lowers prolactin big time)
L-DOPA administration at 800mg daily for 7 days in healthy men (no complaints of penile problems) is associated increased penis tumescence (thickness from bloodflow); however, its effects were most significant when serum testosterone was greater than 17.5pg/mL suggesting the effect is androgen-dependent.[17] In youth (20-30) it also increased maximum penile girth.[17] This effect may be mediated through dopamine receptor agonism.[


800 mg l-dopa would equal to about 5.5 grams mucuna.


My prolactin is slightly elevated. What happens after you stop mucuna?
And how does it compare to citrulline?


Citrulline does nothing for me errection wise. And I take about 8g a day, as it’s in my pre-workout supplement . Mucuna is completely different. It’s a dopamine precursor. It’s one of the most amazing plants in the world. It contains even traces of dmt, nicotine, 5-http.


Mucuna sounds amazing. Have you experienced any negative side effects taking it? Anything that would hinder the awesome feeling when the T starts circulating after a shot?

I’m taking 36mg EOD and I can feel the T doing something about 12-16 hours post shot. I love that feeling and don’t want to introduce anything that could be detrimental to that sense if well being and energy. Just curious if you’ve experienced anything negative?

Any info is appreciated.


None at all. Mucuna boosts testosterone on its own. I think some people try Mucuna, and give up on it quickly, because they don’t do the right dosages. It stacks well with another adaptogen that’s rarely talked about called shilajit. Both amazing. I get that feeling you speak of exactly half hour after each shot. I inject 100 mg once a week.


I ordered some powdered mucuna (bulk supplements) last night. Going to give it another try at a higher dose.

I used to take it at night. Some take it in the morning.

My only thing is that I’ve tried selegiline, which is an agonist, and I felt nothing. It’s like my system isn’t sensitive to dopamine.


keep us posted!
i mean if it works , do you take this for life? all supplements seem to affect something unintended.


What % l-dopa is it?


That company is trash.


What company? Bulk Supplements? I’ve used their products for years.

Why you say?


Their Tongkat Ali, was garbage.

There was someone on social media, who worked for them I guess, and he said its all Chinese imported and all their lab tests are faked.


I’ve also used a bunch of stuff from bulk supplements… Bummer to hear such negative things.


@roscoe88 - how are things going with the mucuna? Interested to hear the feedback as I’m thinking about buying some too.


Honestly I haven’t started it yet.