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Morning Wood Survey

Hey can you guys confirm, after how many weeks/months into starting TRT did you start having constant morning wood daily? What was your dosage at the time?

I got wood right after my injection.

I’m having problems controlling estrogen, so erections aren’t consistent. If estrogen is out of balance erections will suffer.

Effects on sexual interest appear after 3 weeks plateauing at 6 weeks, with no further increments expected beyond. Changes in erections/ejaculations may require up to 6 months. Effects on quality of life manifest within 3–4 weeks, but maximum benefits take longer. Effects on depressive mood become detectable after 3–6 weeks with a maximum after 18–30 weeks. Effects on erythropoiesis are evident at 3 months, peaking at 9–12 months. Prostate-specific antigen and volume rise, marginally, plateauing at 12 months; further increase should be related to aging rather than therapy.

Effects on lipids appear after 4 weeks, maximal after 6–12 months. Insulin sensitivity may improve within few days, but effects on glycemic control become evident only after 3–12 months. Changes in fat mass, lean body mass, and muscle strength occur within 12–16 weeks, stabilize at 6–12 months, but can marginally continue over years. Effects on inflammation occur within 3–12 weeks. Effects on bone are detectable already after 6 months while continuing at least for 3 years.


The time-course of the spectrum of effects of testosterone shows considerable variation, probably related to pharmacodynamics of the testosterone preparation. Genomic and non-genomic effects, androgen receptor polymorphism and intracellular steroid metabolism further contribute to such diversity.

Erections during sex are fine for me. I just don’t have daily morning wood. I’m on 100 mg test once weekly no AI. Started 6 weeks ago. No signs of high E2. Could it somehow be low E2?

Your levels might be fluctuating on once weekly, when your levels fluctuate, your levels decrease, these swings when they dip low, your penis isn’t getting enough testosterone because your levels aren’t staying high enough, long enough.

A strong morning wood is a good indication estrogen is perfect, provided your levels are stable enough.

You can start by posting all your labs including (ranges) Total T, Free T, SHBG and estrogen.

Have you checked SHBG?

I get great morning wood. Just when it comes to sex, I get one… then it goes away fast. Like no staying power unless I use a pde5

Nocturnal erections are not a good indicator of much if you are just judging upon waking. You could have them in the middle of the night and simply not when you wake up…

I don’t have SHGB labs, but if using the free test formula backwards it seems mine is 35.5 nmol/l

These are my pre TRT labs so 7 weeks ago.

Total T - 11.9 nmol/l (8.4 - 28.8)
Free T - 228 pmol/l (196 - 636)

New labs coming up in a week.

I don’t feel any peak or valleys at all during the 7 days on my once a week 100 mg injection. If anything I feel a libido spike around day 4-5.

Just to clarify those labs are before starting TRT 7 weeks ago

The libido spike is the result of the peak and if you keep levels more stable you may feel that way the entire time, your levels start the decline the closer you get to your next injection, then 4-5 days after your next injection you get that spike in testosterone and therefore in libido.

When I was injecting testosterone once weekly, I would get a libido spike 5 days after the injection, moving injections closer together fixed that problem. No more libido spikes once weekly.

I have libido spikes every morning accompanied by morning erections, this is the way it’s supposed to be.

I was under the impression that if SHGB is high, once a week injections works best? I don’t crash at all by day 7. Feel good everyday. Zero high estrogen symptoms.

Your SHBG isn’t high, it’s midrange by your estimate. The majority of midrange SHBG guys do better on twice weekly. There is a variability in the stickiness of SHBG from person to person, I’ve seen high SHBG guy present with free T levels of someone with lower SHBG and the other way around, it’s because their SHBG doesn’t bind testosterone quite like the next guy.

I remember a guy had an SHBG of 78 and strangely his free T was great and the guy had no symptoms, then a guy come here with an SHBG of 43 and his free T is low. Everyone’s testosterone binds a bit differently where one guy binds strongly and another weakly.

Your SHBG may be lower than your estimate, it is just a guess that your SHBG is 35.5 and you don’t know the binding ability of the Total T+SHBG.

The takeaway is we are all biochemically unique.

Yeah. I’ll have to see what the blood work results say. If test is high on day 7 should I continue with once a week? And if test is super low on day 7 then switch to twice a week? Any reason why I don’t have any estrigenic side effects? I’m not on an AI or anything.

Your liver gets rid of excess estrogen well. Blood work doesn’t always show what’s really going on, I notice even minor fluctuations and my body doesn’t like it and will respond poorly if the fluctuations are moderate even with sufficient levels.

I’m on pellets so as soon as my free T gets back above about 12 morning wood is back and stays that way for about 4 months of my 5 month cycle

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sadly,TRT has done nothing to improve my ED issues

Me neither Averica.

I get awesome morning wood and an initially great wood with my gf… but sadly it goes like a fart in the wind.

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Try Mucuna Pruriens. 2-5 grams a day containing 15% L-Dopa

My erectile function hasn’t been great, however I can get it up a hell of a lot easier than what I was able to do prior to TRT (it was like a floppy noodle that wouldn’t budge, even porn wouldn’t affect it!) No complaints