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Morning wood gone grass

I have been eating about 90% clean for months (except when I travel internationally about 2x month). Been noticing that I have totally lost my sex drive. I used to consider myself a great performer and most girls I think would have agreed, but damn, now days I am even afraid to try. I don’t even get morning wood these days. I tried Tribex and it really didn’t seem to help. On clomid now and still nothing.

When I am traveling and my diet reverts back to red meat, saturated fats and an occasional beer, My oak reappears as if I was sitting in my sixth grade class and the teacher just walked by and asked me to work the problem on the board out.

Please help…anyone else have this problem?

what do you concider eating clean?

Make sure your fat intake is high enough.

Been there, did that. Too little fat in your diet. Yes! Fats are required to make your hormones. Red meat should be a staple. Flax oil, fish oil, olive oil, etc.

Basically the T-dawg 2 diet and the Foods that make you look good nakid. It would be clean by everyone’s standards here I can promise you.

I might eat an ice cream or a pasta or few pizza slices once a week. Maybe a beer or a red wine as well. But maybe once a week if that.

I have 3 meals a day protein and fat. Usually nuts, walnut oil, cod liver oil, flax seed oil, olive oil or avacado. Good fats are about 30% of my diet.

I’m just going to guess that fat works with testosterone somehow and that is the reason for your lack of the “pines”

Sounds to me like (a) you think that red meat isn’t good for you and (b) that eating “clean” involves staying away from said meat.

I can confidently say that most (although not all) of the people on this website would heartily disagree on both of the above. But who cares what we think? If red meat puts the wood back in your forest, seems to me like the solution to your problem is pretty simple.

I would say it has more to do with maybe you being in too much of a comfort zone when you’re at home so maybe life becomes a little boring for you. I believe sex drive is influenced more by psychological things then anything else. You get out on the road in more unknown situations and this adds a little excitement back into your life and thus the testosterone burst. I’ve noticed the same thing myself and don’t believe it has anything to do with diet.