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Morning Wood and TRT


Does TRT remove morning wood?

What is the physiology behind morning wood? Is it caused just by spiking of T levels, or is there more to it than that?

I am on TRT and am not experiencing morning wood. I am wondering if this is because my T levels are now continuous, as they are entirely from shots. Hence, I do not fluctuate throughout a 24-hour period, as would be the case if I were producing normal levels of T endogenously.


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Switching over to T-Cyp injections E3D has now given me morning "Steel" !


More like morning concrete. Steel melts with little heat, concrete won't.
If you don't have morning wood, something is wrong...


Not to hijack the thread, but has anyone else noticed a positive correlation between dreaming and morning wood? Before TRT I had stopped having dreams, at least ones I could remember upon waking... and of course I never awoke to morn-horn. Since TRT that has changed.

It also seems to be the case that the more vivid the dream I have before waking, the stiffer my morning salute.
Anyone else?


I'm new at this, but are you taking an AI? If so are you taking to much? KNB has helped guide me to the infamous "concrete wood", I think I could sometimes rob a bank with mine. I started noticing it once I found my sweet spot on anastrozole.

I've been having some seriously flipped out dreams lately too, just crazy stuff like clowns, ufo's, and UFC fights all in the same dream (I did sit up late watching the new season of TUF too though).


I think you're experiencing the antidepressant effect of TRT regarding the crazy dreams.


I have found if I take my adex at night instead of in the morning, my morning wood works better. Because a.m dosage causes me 3pm woodies that aren't convenient...


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Rich, it would be great if you could share any general advice, based on your experience, on tweaking dosage.


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I personally use 60mg/ml anastrozole.

First off you need to know the symptoms of low E2, they are typically mind fog, low sex drive, joint pains, water retention.

Start off by taking 2 drops of adex every day for 2 weeks.
You want to add 1 more drop per day every 2 weeks.

One way to know when to stop raising or lowering your dosage is when you notice morning wood. I decided to take a different approach, I kept upping my dosage until I noticed the symptoms of low E2 then I backed off 1 drop every day.

Also if you are overweight (converts T to E2 easier) and are losing weight, and/or are not on a steady TRT program yet (doc still raising/lowering your T) you will likely have to modify your dosage up and down respectively. Hope this helps.


As far as I know, according to what I have read and my own experience, water retention is NOT a sign of low E2, but rather of high E2. Low sex drive and brain fog are also not reliable symptoms, as they can both be caused by low E2 and high E2.

Joint pain, on the other hand, is a reliable symptom of low E2. Think about it, water retention and joint pain don't really go together, because one of the causes of joint pain is lack of fluid to cushion the joints.

I could be wrong, and am curious about others experience because E2 seems to be one of the trickiest things to figure out for trt, and something for which the symptoms of would be really worthwhile to have an accurate and reliable description.



One more thought... I guess it would depend on the size of your dropper (heh heh), but as far as i know, the ones supplied by your average research chemical supplier are 28-30 drops per ml.

If a good ballpark figure for a starting dose of a-dex is 1 mg per week, then the math dictates 4 drops per day rather than 2, and then wait 2 weeks before upping the dose.

You could be an over responder and have to back off to 3 or 2 or even 1 drop ed or eod, but chances are you would more likely find the sweet spot by starting at 4 and working your way up. periodic blood testing is essential for finding where your E2 level is actually at.

If you want to start at 1mg per week, front load with 14-15 drops the first day and then go with 4 drops every day beginning with day 2.

At least in my experience, patience is essential to accurately dial in your dosage. More accurately, patience and regular blood work.


Sorry, I dont usually make trilogies out of my posts but its late and im a bit tired.

Rich-- you said you use 60mg/ml anastrozole... do you mean 60ml bottle of 1 mg/ml? Just curious, as 1 mg/ml seems to be the dosage of the research chem firms i have dealt with.

Not nitpicking, just want to be clear about the variables to be sure those without much experience dont mess up their dosing calculations:-)


You're right, it is 1mg/ml 60ml. Also when I went too low I didn't notice joint pain or water retention. I did notice the brain fog and the libido issue though. I would say let the morning wood guide you lol, there is a sweet spot between too low and too high where you'll find the morning wood.

I'm good right now at 3 drops ED, but I might need to come up since my doc just changed from andro to cyp and is now aiming for 800 vs 500 before. Not nick picking at all, I'd rather you nit pick and it help someone than to not and someone do something wrong.

Plus I'm still very new at this, just started TRT 3 weeks ago so I'd prefer you to make sure my info is right before someone tries it.


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If anyone is still around, if I took 1mg pill of Anastrozole on Monday and 1/2 on Tuesday and then had blood work with an E2 of 8 that same day, is that too low or expected after the two days taking Anastrozole? They have me taking it those two days and another couple of days in between.


KNB, I am trying to dial in Anatrozole currently. I was super horny with mad wood and then it just kinda went away. I have posted all my labs and such on another post. Was going to PM you when I saw Rich mention you “guided him to morning concrete” (Lol) but I am new to the forum and didnt see an option for that.

I also mentioned to KSman as he seems to be a knowledgeable and experienced user. Is there a way to send PM’s on TNation?


If you havent notice There has been No activity on this thread in over 7 years, The reason for this is that its sitting in The Over 35 thread. Which I guess was a common subject before I joined.

There is a whole Forum section dedicated to TRT on this site. Hope this link will help you …


Hey thanks bulldog! :slight_smile: