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Morning Wood and Beta Blockers

I don’t have ED for sex in general cause am on daily cialis and viagra when needed.

But I seem to have lost my nocturnal erections and morning wood.

I am thinking its from the beta blocker I take every night for over a year now.

Thoughts? Experiences?

Sexual dysfunction is a common side effect with medications that lower blood pressure.

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You think switching the beta blocker to morning would be better?
I also take an ARB in the morning.

The beta blocker has built up in your system some so it may not matter when you take it, if that is source of your issues. You can always try mornings for a whole and see, unless there’s a specific reason to take at night. I think that they can make some people a bit light headed right after they take it so better to take a night than before driving to work.

I’d probably (and have) started a daily cialis 5mg., really helps. Still need additional assistance sometimes, but things feel better overall with it.

Guess I didn’t read to well, you’re all ready doing this. I think highpulls advice below is good.

Probably not a good idea, and if it is extended release it likely would not matter anyway. Perhaps you could ask your doctor about this and try another medication.

However, since cialis and viagra are working, I’m not sure I would worry about it.