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Morning vs. Afternoon Training

My question has anyone tried both of these times to workout? what had the most success? Any other opinions?

It is best to try both times for yourself and see what works for you. I do recommend trying both at least for two weeks in order to adjust. Personally, I enjoy the mornings(although I often have to work later in theevenings) and here is why. 1)The gym is less crowded in the morning. I worked out PM for a couple of months and on average was wasting between 1/2hr and 1 hr waiting for equipment talking etc. For this reason you leave quicker. 2) You get your workout out of the way and cannot make excuses not to go in the PM like the gym is to crowded. And beleive it or not you have more time for you throughout the rest of the day to work, play, cook eat right in the evening etc.
Now to do this I recommend getting at least 7 hrs of sleep per night if that works for you. I prefer eight but am a realist and can’t always get it.Go to bed and wake up at consistent times even on week ends and days off. It makes everything easier. If necessary take a thermagenic to wake you uo or have coffee with no cream or sugar. Have plenty of more tips but just find what works for you.

as a police officer, i’ve worked out at different times of the day due to the fact that my department requires us to rotate shifts every 6-12 months. i can tell you that evening workouts (i.e. 9pm) don’t feel as productive as afternoon or morning workouts and a graveyard workout? forget it! i personally like the morning workout, because (1) you get it out of the way, (2) your preworkout and postworkout supplements are actually more effective on an empty stomach. with the afternoon workout, you have to wait until you no longer feel full from your last meal before you work out or take a preworkout supplement. if you do 20 rep squats on a full stomach, you’re going to throw up. not only that, but a lot people get groggy during the hours after lunch. i know that Vince Gironda once said that older bodybuilders actually do better on morning workouts. this acutally makes sense to me, considering that when i was 20, i preferred afternoon workouts. now that i’m 30, i prefer morning workouts. ultimately, however, you work out when you can. hope that helps.

I found that doing light exercise in the morning for me is best, and then training hard at night. The reason for me is that if I train hard in the morning, I’m pretty tired the rest of the day…night time I workout, unwind, and then sleep like a baby.

Yes - I do both. Mornings can be a little harder to get started, and my strength is usually down slightly - but I can burn a massive amount of fat. Typically I’m stronger in my afternoon workouts - this is where I go for more “power” with higher weights & negatives. I recommend BOTH if it work with your schedule - For me a combination is ideal.

It really doesn’t matter dude. Pick whichever is more convenient for you. Being consistent with your training is 20 times more important than what time during the day you work out.

I think it is more of a personal preference thing. I don’t like working out at night because I feel tired and in the morning I’m not all there. I prefer the afternoon, that is when I seem to be at my best.