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Morning training

O.K. people gather round Tim needs some help here.The only time I can workout is in the we morning hours before work 5-6 a.m.(yawn).
Should i eat before workout? I take an ECA tablet before I workout followed by MRP after training . My major problem is regardless of the workout either, balls out or light maintenance , the weight just wont go above 200 lbs. I really mean it no matter what i eat or how I train bam , maybe 205 but if im not carefull ill slip back down to 200 before weeks out? Any help out there thanks and keep pumping. TLG

If getting above 200 lbs is your goal then by all means quit taking the ECA before you workout and get some sort’ve light meal in you. ECA is a fat burner and metabolic stimulant so even without training on an empty stomach it would make it really difficult to put on bodyweight.