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Morning thirst / hunger?


I usually wake up several times during the night to drink water / urinate. It gets noticeably worse the longer I try to sleep. Once I get up, eat something and start my day, it goes away until the next night.
Drinking more water = urinating more / wake up frequently
Drinking less water = stuffy nose / can’t sleep / feel dehydrated / cotton mouth
More salt or less salt = nothing noticeably positive

Also, every now and then, I will wake up starving. If I eat some fat like peanut butter, I’m usually okay but it’s still difficult to get back to sleep. If I eat carbs like applesauce, I can get back to sleep immediately but wake up about an hour later completely dehydrated and shaky. Eating applesauce randomly during the day does not have that effect at all.

What’s the deal? I thought diabetes but my A1C is normal and my fasting glucose is anywhere from 80-95. Sure it could be better, like in the 70s but I know people with fasting glucose <200 and don’t have any symptoms like I do.