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Morning Temperature



I've been dieting for a drug-free competition and noticed my awakening temperature is 35.6 C which is 96.08 F

This is the same temperature reading during the day at rest.

I'm not taking any supplements right now but just ordered a bottle of HOT-ROX.

From reading various magazine materials and from Dan Duchaine's statements, my body temperature should be elevated when I awake by at least 1 degree F
so I'd be looking at 97.08 minimum - 97.9 F

I know that Clen, or the ECA stack will give me these results.. but of course these are banned substances (except for caffeine and aspirin)

I am, however getting the thermo effect from eating at every meal. I eat 6 times a day spread out and everytime I eat my whole body gets warm and sometimes I sweat just a bit.

My bodyfat has been dropping over the past month, but I have like 11 weeks left to drop down to 5% and right now I'm at 11-12 %

Normally, once I hit 7-8% it's a real bitch to shed the rest.


I suspect many people's body temparatures are down when dieting. A good thing to do would be to bump up calories for a short-time. But this might not be feasible if you have a deadline like you do. Although it might actually speed fatloss when you resume. About how much below maintenace are you eating? Your calories could be too low at this stage in the game.


2 days on 2400 calories
2 days on 2700 calories

I weight everything in grams even the 30 grams of ketchup I have with my chicken.

On the low cal days, my carbs are higher
On the high cal days, my carbs are lower, however I supplement with coconut oil throughout the day.

I used Katch-McArdle formula (BMR based on lean body weight)

Weight 207 lbs. (93.7 kilos)
Your body fat percentage is 12% (24.8 lbs. fat, 182 lbs. lean)
Your lean mass is 182 lbs. (82.45 kilos)
Your BMR = 370 + (21.6 X 82.45) =

2150.92 calories

I weight train once a day 4 days a week
60 minute session.
Hear Rate is averaging 110 BPM

I do cardio for 45 minutes every day.
Heart Rat is around 120 bpm