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Morning Temp Question


My morning temps lately have been sup 97 (96.6 on average). By 9-10 AM, I'm back up to 98.6-99.3.

I know the low AM temp can indicate thyroid problem, but I didn't know if the temp rising to normal (or above) was indicating a non-thyroid problem.


Please take this back to your "case". Maybe we can find some lab results of interest to go with this new development. Why are we doing this again? This is not a chat room.

Have we discussed your iodine intake before ... in your case?

Erratic temps can be from adrenal fatigue.


I didnt' put this in my case, because my case doesn't have a full blood work profile due to limited testing. Full testing will be done (with appropriate labs) on 3/15. I guess all of my questions will be held until then.


Might be a sill question but how would go about taking your temperature? I've read that when testing for hypothyroidism, it's best to place a thermometer under your armpit for 15 minutes because you are testing axillary temperatures.


The point is that we do not know that either.