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morning problem

since i have to lift in the morning for football… and i have films right before hand. Should I eat or take just 2 scoops of power drive keeping in mind that i dont hold food too well in the morning and then lifting. I was also thinking of having a powerbar with the powerdrive but it says on an empty stomach. Any suggestions?

Don’t worry so much about the empty stomach, doesn’t seem to make much a difference to me. However, I do think that lifting when you have not eaten in several hours is about the worse thing you can do.

Spence, are you kidding me, a power bar. Do you read on this site or was this your first visit to T-mag. We all know Power Bars are pure crap. Here is you plan, wake up,take your Power Drive ASAP. Chase with 8oz water to cut overnight dehydration. Mix up 1 & 1/2 scoops of SURGE{BIOTEST’S BEST SUPPLEMENT} with 30 grams of maltodextrin in 25oz. of H20 and tons of ice. Sip your SURGE before and during your workout. Immediately after your workout make the same drink again minus the maltodextrin. This is perfect nutrition for someone training in the morning, according to the T-Mag theories. I have been doing this for a year and I can tell you I would never give up SURGE, it’s not a supplement. SURGE is the most perfect pre-during and post workout meal you could have. If your funds are low and you have to pick between SURGE and Power Drive, it’s a no brainer, SURGE by a landslide. DOOCH

ive read for about 3 years now… powerbars arent that bad… maltodextrin and milk isolate… anyways I cant have surge suring my workout because of where i lift. I dont think my strength coach would like it too much. I just need something convenient in the morning thats not too big. Maybe just some milk and something else then. I honestly cant hold too much in in the morning

Well it depends, what is your BF%, if you are like me always hovering around 8% then you can have what ever the hell you feel like in the morning before your lift. Have a PBJ if thats what you can keep down. Eat frosted flakes if you want it won’t matter if the rest of your day is on point. Reward yourself you being up that early. But after your lift and the rest of the day will be critical.