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Morning Pre-Workout with Anaconda


This is my situation. I wake up at 5am, take my Alpha-GPC. At 6am I start preparing my Anaconda for my 630 workout. Is there anything I should eat in that 5-6am time frame? I notice myself pretty hungry sometimes, other times not so much. Once the Anaconda starts gettin into my stomach I'm fine and my workouts dont suffer from it, but would it help me grow if I had some chow in my stomach after waking up and taking my Alpha-GPC.


why not a FINiBAR


If you're following the original protocol, you should be eating several FINiBARs (which always hit my hunger pretty well). If not (possibly the 2nd protocol, with less 'solid' stuff in it), I'd wake up earlier and get something down. Personally, I can't train on an empty, or growling stomach very well.



If I need or want something an hour before I'd be starting the ANACONDA Protocol, whey with coconut oil (whether mixed together or consumed separately) works well for me.

The reason for coconut oil is that the high MCT content is perhaps more suited to rapid energy.

The reason for whey over other protein is that the intent is for it to clear quickly.

There aren't any carbs because that is going to be taken care of with the ANACONDA Protocol, but if someone wanted to have a modest amount of carbs at this time point, that would be fine also.