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Morning/Pre Workout Nutrition


I was wondering what might be the best kind of breakfast to eat at 7:30am if im going to workout at 11:00am?
What should eat in regards to energy? cause i tend to really fall off after my first couple exercises


What do you eat now? You probably could sneak in another small meal around 9:30AM.


Eat at 10?


Generally eggs and oatmeal or something to that effect, and how many calories or what would be good for this snack? Is oatmeal or yogurt a good option?


What do you want out of this breakfast? Are you trying to fuel your whole workout hours later? Are you just looking to stay full until the workout without a crash? What kind of workout/pace do you have typically?

If consuming a lot of your calories intra-workout is an option, I would just skip breakfast and do that. Maybe try eating a piece of fruit about 30 minutes before the workout if you feel you don't have enough energy to start your workout.

If you absolutely must consume breakfast, I always found eggs to be awesome for satiety. Eggs + Kimchi, or eggs and spinach and onions. Maybe try eggs and country style hashbrowns if you want more carbs.


Well i seem to burnout before the end of the workout, i feel completely depleted. I just wasn't sure if eating at say 10 would supply me with enough energy to last the hour and 30 minute workout


I have had some good workouts eating meat and nuts for breakfast. However, you might Want some carbs if you are doing any cardio type stuff.


I am on board with this as well! You feel full for hours, something rarely achieved for myself.

I have found however, that on longer workout days, say 30-45 minin after my power work, during hypertrophy work I start to fade a bit. 1 serving of powdered carbs, Gatorade, maltodextrin, dextrose, whatever, and a scoop of bcaas really helps with that.


Look at the part 1 video in the "Day in the life of" thread in John Meadow's subforum.

I've been using pretty much an identical recipe and have plenty of energy in the gym for long workouts. I wake up in the morning, eat that, head off to the gym, and am usually starting my workout within an hour.


Very informative video, yeah i can do that so it seems like a pretty good pre workout meal.