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Morning Pre-Workout Food?

I’m starting Greyskull LP as a beginner with goal and diet to lose weight.

I need to go to the gym in the morning and Im wondering, what do people eat when they r in the morning rush. I dont wanna workout with a full stomach, but then again going with an empty stomach doesnt sound right either…

This does not fill me with optimism.

TL;DR if you’re not that experienced trying to lose weight while on a strength program generally doesn’t end well.

However you obviously have decent instincts.

So, based on what limited information I have:

  • try to have something light around 20 minutes or more before training. I’d recommend a scoop of whey and a scoop of dextrose in water and a strong coffee. If you want to go down that route you could get some Plazma and use that instead of whey+dextrose. It’d be great during training too.
  • after training have your real breakfast. I like oats with milk and chocolate sauce with eggs.
  • Greyskull is a good beginner option. Follow it to the letter.
  • don’t eat to lose weight. Eat well to recover: no junk, some good fats, about double your bodyweight in protein and plenty of good carbs (rice, potatoes, etc). Chances are you’ll lose fat as you gain muscle. Down the track you’ll be more experienced and you can mess around with a small calorie deficit while still getting stronger and/or gaining muscle.

I get up at 0445, speed eat a bowl of instant oatmeal and get in the gym by 0500. Your body can adjust.

I did recently up it to 2 pieces of toast with greek yogurt spread on it, since I am trying to put on a little weight.

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Haha cool man !
My question is - how the heck do you do it, wake up so early and get your sorry ass to the gym ? I gotta get up at 7 to make it to the gym and thats a challenge ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, thats some good principles.
Also, many people I spoke with online (bro knowledge) still recommend eating at caloric deficit - I understand you recommend that same ? Obviously junk food is out the window, i prep my meals

I want to be stronger more than I want to sleep in. Pretty much all it boils down to.


That is pretty bad ass !

I appreciate the sentiment, but as long as you feel like that, it’s gonna hold you back. That’s simply the mentality if you want to succeed. You’ll have to want success more than you want other things. If you want other things, that’s not a bad thing, but it will get in the way of success.


Absolutely and thats exactly where i want to be. But i dont think its one day u feel its badass and next day u become that way. U work for it.

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I do not, at least until you have a reasonable working knowledge of how you respond to training. That takes a while to learn.

I would say eat around maintenance. If you recover OK and find your fat starts moving on, so much the better. If after a few weeks (well, four to eight) you’re recovering but not losing any fat at all, try reducing your daily intake by 100 calories if you like. If you still recover well and some fat starts going over the next four to eight weeks, great. If not, drop another 100 calories and repeat until you hit that good recovery/leaning out sweet spot.

Finding your theoretical maintenance is easy enough. You get a window:

Top end is bodyweight in lbsx17
Bottom end is bodyweight in lbsx14

I’d set your initial daily intake as the middle of that window and work down from there.


BW = 200 lbs

Top end = BWx17 = 3400 calories
Bottom end = BWx14 = 2800 calories
Middle = 3100 calories