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Morning or afternoon?

Hey, I have heard that in the morning you have more testosterone than in the afternoon… so wouldnt it be better to train in the morning than the afternoon… or what? please respond with what is better and why… thanks

I heard Gh levels were higher in the morning. Actually, although one or the other might be true, I doubt seriously it’s enough to make a noticable difference. I tried it for a few months and it sucked. I think it was Poliquin who said you need to “wake up” for 3 hours at least before you train. I think that was in his “preparing for the ultimate workout” article at t-mag. I was just weak as shit in the morning, even with caffeine and ephedra. So even if my Gh or T was higher, my workouts sucked so what’s the point, ya know?

I dont think you should ever worry about it. The difference would be 0.0000001 either way.

Spence, Paul makes a good and point–and one that I often see cited–in that the hormonal levels in the morning probably don’t make a real significant difference when choosing training time. When you train should be based on when you feel like training and when you feel that the training session is most beneficial for you. The only way to find out, really, is to experiment with different times. I personally like to train about an hour or hour and a half after waking up. I’m personally pretty pumped and rowdy upon waking and really can’t wait to hit the iron. I usually have a real light breakfast about an hour before I leave for the gym and most of the time a serving of PowerDrive and one thermogenic booster (like MD6 or Dymetadrine Xtreme) a few minutes before I take off.