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Morning Only Androsol

For any of you guys that were interested, here’s an update… I used the morning only dosing schedule of Androsol for 8 weeks, and I’m up 6 lbs over baseline. I sure as hell am not complaining about gaining 6 lbs of muscle, but I would say that it’s more effective (for me at least) to schedule Androsol in the more traditional 2on 4off way. My skin also got really red and rashy, particularly on the thighs, in the last couple weeks. And I’m quite sick of waking up to the smell of 70 sprays of isopropyl alcohol.
So, after this little experiment, I would definitely recommend that the majority stick with the traditional Androsol schedule. For me, the morning only dosing was less effective and harder to follow.

How did your natural T levels hold up? It also may be too early to tell how much of the gains you will retain. Hopefully most of it. Did you gain a similiar amount of LBM on the 2/4 cycle?

Sorry, I forgot to mention a few things…

Prodigal Son: I didn’t track my T levels, I just didn’t have time to get the testing done, but so far I’ve kept every ounce of muscle I gained. I ended the cycle 10 days ago.

I’ve done two Androsol cycles using the 2 on, 4 off approach, and I’ve gotten 8 lbs out of each. Unfortunately, after the first cycle I did something really stupid which was to go immediately into a cutting phase and lost quite a bit of the gains. I kept every bit of the 8 lbs after the second cycle when I followed a smarter approach and kept overeating for a couple more weeks and added M-7 to the mix.