Morning Nutrition

Hey Nation,

So, I’ve been a subscriber to the whole intermittent fasting gig, originally the 16/8 bit, but now I’m closer to the 14/10 range due to work and workout times. I’m currently half-way through my first cycle of I3G, Micro PA, Plazma, and MAG-10, and loving the results. I’ve been able to subtlety increase size and strength, all the while feeling tighter and trimmer.

My question is about morning nutrition, and when is the most appropriate time to feed the body. Right out of bed, first thing? Or, does a couple of hours on ‘bullet-proof’ coffee help the fat-burning process? My goal, as is many, is to lose fat and add lean mass.

Thoughts/comments are always appreciated!

Currently on IF as well, love what its doing to my body. Waiting on my I3G and HOT-ROX to even better my results.

whats bullet proof coffee?

So you are wanting to stop I.F.?

In the end, daily totals are the most important.

Bullet-proof coffee is a drink consisting of MCT’s (faster absorbing fats most commonly found in coconut oil) and up to 10g of protein. The theory is to jump start the body’s fat-burning process while preserving muscle.

I’m curious about other’s approaches to burning off the fat, and what their morning nutrition looks like. I’m stuck at 10% BF, even on IF. I’ve thought about the 5/2 Fat-loss Diet. Does anyone have experience with that?

Poliquin’s meat and nut breakfast, I feel much better, more alert, and keeps cravings at bay.

Thanks for the input. I’ll give it a shot.