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Morning Nutrition


hi guys, looking for some advise/ suggestions on morning pre workout meals. This is the story...I wake up at 6am, start training at 720am but am having difficulty getting the right nutrition in before starting to lift.

Presently I have 30g Whey mixed with Water, Nuts, Oats and fruit as soon as I wake. I have been trying to have a SURGE shake just before I start training but my stomach doesn't seem to like this. I have SURGE and creatine immediately post and then have 4 other meals along the usual lines.

Does anyone have a better nutrtion strategy for early morning training without feeling sick. I'm also concious of taking so much liquid nutrition as I have another whey/caesin shake later in the day. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Current Stats - Age 32, lifting a few years, 82kg, lean, looking to add size and strength. Training using Westside for Skinny Bastards Template, 3-4 times a week.


If you wake up at 6am, what time do you finish eating? Morning nutrition combined with lifting is tricky, at least for me. How are your energy levels once you start your w/o? How long are you working out and does your energy stay for the whole thing?

You have a fast digesting protein in the whey and a fast digesting carb in the fruit. Slow digesting protein and carbs in the nuts and oats. The nuts and oats may be the culprit. You may want to have all the fast digesting stuff about 30 minutes or so before lifting and then half way through throw in a banana and a single serving of whey to power through. Wait about 60 minutes after your lifting is over and have either another PWO with simple carbs or have that solid meal with the oats, eggs, fruit, etc.


I'd either start directly with Thib's para-workout-nutrition protocol 60 min before the workout (go to Thibs forum and read the thread) OR get up, have a protein pulse followed by 200g of fruit and then start the protocol OR get up, have a FINiBAr and then start the protocol.
For version 2 and 3 you'd have to get up 30 mins earlier or so.


You want a P+C (protein and carbs) meal at this time of the day as it's first thing in the morning and also because its pre-workout.

You also want something that is slow digesting and that will give you sustained energy throughout the workout.

Try this approx 1 hour before your workout:

100g chicken
2 slices wholemeal bread
1 teaspoon mustard
Green veggies

Calories 350
Protein 40g
Carbs 33g


Normally I would agree with what you said, BUT, he is waking up, getting food ready, eating, and then going to the gym all in under 80 minutes. He is eating too much slow digesting foods to close to his workout. That is what is most likely giving him that shitty feeling as he is lifting.


Dont have fats before ur workout when u wake up, agree with mateus, just hav simple carbs and protein, just a shake or two, before and during will do.


Whey Hydrosylate + Vitargo pre workout. Both are incredibly fast absorbing, and easy to make in the morning. Then off to the gym.




Best advice so far.


my last meal is 8pm and go to bed at 1030pm. I train for 50mins - 1 hr and push myself as much as possible. Energy is actually quite good on mon/ tues but thurs/fri sessions can be a bit more draining but i put that down to lack of sleep and tough sessions on mon/tues taking its toll.
I'd rather eat as soon as i get up to allow more food to digest and i am quite hungry. Ill give the oats and nuts a miss and see how i go.

thanks for the advise but the thib protocol looks very complicated in that its -20mins do this, -10mins do that.....too much messing around and too many supplements. those finibars look like some nasty ass shit from bb.com, oats, peanut butter and protein...hmm, sounds familar....just let me slam a shake pre w/out and have a bit of breakfast.


Just stick with the shake.

You're better off doing something simple that you can do consistantly than fucking around with 1000 different variables that you won't be able to keep up with for an extended period of time.

That being said, when I used to do 5:30am workouts, I would just have a shake with some fruits.