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Morning Maniac

Happy New Year to my fellow T-maggers!

Like several of you folks, I am a morning muscle maniac. I’m up at 5, swallow a few cups of nut-shrinking coffee, and hit the weights by 5:45 at the latest. My question is simple…

What is an effective pre-workout (preferably liquid) meal that I can chug in this short amount of time?

I have been downing a scoop of protein/high carb powder first thing upon waking just to get the pumps primed. I also take a slow-release supp before bed (supposed to digest over about 7 hours…same as my sleep duration).

The fiction mags recommend an empty stomach approach but I don't support this view for a gaining phase (or any phase for that matter). I'm about to embark on the "Growth Surge Project" after spending a year on FLEX's 2001 program (with modest gains in muscle, greater gains in fat, and way too much freakin' time in the gym...are these guys nuts?). I seriously hosed my diet and exercise plan over the past 3 weeks with the holidays and other related stresses but am primed for this growth routine. I've got the MAG, M (thanks for the freebee), Surge, and a host of other supps all lined up with the caps off.

Is sipping the 1/2 serving of Surge during the routine enough or should I continue to preface the workouts with a scoop or 2 of a protein and/or “gaining” powder?

Thanks for any advice you folks can give. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.


Here is what I do. Wake at 5:30am 1 scoop of AP w/ skim milk. Work out at 6:30am During workout 1.5 scoops of Surge with 32 oz of H20. After workout 1.5 scoops of Surge. Wait 45 min to 60min and eat 1 cup of oat meal, 6 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, apple and 1 cup of OJ, 32 oz od H20. I don’t use gain powders because I want to control the type of carbs. After this sequence I do P&C meals and P&F meals as per massive eating. Caloriers depend on cycle and goals. Last meal of the day is 1 or 2 scoops of AP and 2 tablespoons of Flax seed oil, 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil. I don’t know what the expects will say, but it seems to be working for me. Good luck!

I commend you two for getting up so early. I made it up at 6am today to hit the gym early, and I was surprised that I made it. If I had to go to work early, I’d have a few more minutes in bet, but as i’ve got to go to the gym, I’m up and away as soon as my alarm goes off.