Morning LISS Cardio After First Meal?

Hey guys,

I am currently getting in shape after a nasty accident last fall and I’ve got some spare fat to drop (around 20 pounds). We all know fasted cardio in the morning is not the greatest idea ever, but I operate better throughout the day if I kick into gear as early as possible after waking up, and a nice breakfast solely does not do the trick. I want to know your opinion about the following “plan”:

6.30am (Get up), within 10 minutes ~20g Whey Protein with water and grape juice (~120ml, 20g sugar), 7.00am - 30 to 45 minutes LISS. 8.30am - “regular” breakfast.

The point is not to maximize fat loss directly thorough the cardio session (burning calories), but rather slightly rev-up my metabolism for the AM hours + improve my cardiovascular fitness (getting prepared to endure some HIIT later on) and being able to warm-up the body and then get a cold shower after the session (just priceless). And of course doing all that without sacrificing muscle, which is the main point of question (the pre-session meal/shake).

I plan to follow this for 6 weeks (conditioning program, just getting in shape for some “real” training), 5 or 6 mornings a week. Sadly I can only use an elliptical trainer in the mornings. My weight sessions are around 4-5pm.
By the way, what is your opinion for 2 or 3 of the same LISS sessions after those initial 6 weeks, once I start HIIT (also 3 times a week)? I play amateur soccer and cycle cross-country, and really feel the endurance benefits of LISS.

I’ll appreciate any input :slight_smile:

The “dangers” of fasted LISS have been greatly exaggerated. 30-45 minutes of LISS is not going to sacrifice muscle, especially when you have fat to lose, no matter what you do or don’t eat beforehand.

With fat to lose, skip the grape juice. LISS would normally burn mostly fat for fuel, so why put sugar in your blood to use instead? The whey by itself should be fine.

You can certainly do 2-3 LISS sessions a week, provided the intensity really is low. Why wouldn’t you?

Thanks, andersons.
Well, I’ve got some past experience with fasted LISS first thing in the morning for fat loss and I must tell you - you lose muscle. A lot of it. At least that was my case and that’s why I posted this - because as much as I love the kick a morning cardio session gives you, I’m afraid to lose muscle again (not that there is much left, lol).

Of course, LISS probably is not the only thing that contributed back then, but I’m sure it played a major role.
Grape juice is to lower cortisol levels. As I said, direct fatloss is not what I’ve got in mind for LISS (that’s HIIT’s part later on in the program), and I’m not the kind of person that freaks out about caloric counts.

I’m just curious if anyone has had some past endeavours with a similar regiment, and mainly the pre-session nutrition/timing.