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Morning Jogs?


Hi, im a basketball player(gaurd).. thinkin of running mornings for about 30 mins or so...like morning jogs or runs? is this good coinditionging for me, good cardio? im also thinkinof becoming a boxer... so would this benefcial to me both sports?? thanks.


Conventional wisdom claims that if you run (or any sort of cardio) in the morning prior to eating breakfast that you will burn more fat. I suppose this makes sense.

Oh..and don't become a boxer you will get hit in the head many, many times thus making you stupid. Ever hear an old boxer talk? Not at all pretty. :slight_smile:


I box - and I go for a morning jog every other day - meaning - mondays, wednesdays , fridays when i box evenings. It means getting your ass up early so you can do it before your daily activities, but its worth it - you are definitely more productive during the day, and you learn that there is a LOT you can accomplish in a one hour timespan.

One suggestion I have and I'm not sure which of the writers gave this one, but take half a scoop of protein powder with your coffee right before a jog. The caffeine will help burn fat and the PP will keep muscle wasting to a minimum. Just make sure you EAT breakfast after comin' back from the run - shower first you stinky bastard though :slightly_smiling:


That type of running may not be a good carryover for your sport.

You may want to try interval training, sprints or other such "running" methods.



I would prefer that you did Tempo Runs, or GPP for the 30 minutes.... GPP can be weighted or unweighted. You can structure your GPP to bring up weak areas without toasting your CNS for tough SAQ / Weight workouts.

Dave Tate (elitefts), Coach Davies (renegaetraining), Zach Even-Esh, Charlie Francis and many more are good references for this in terms of free articles covering the topic.

The idea is to know your weaknesses well enough so you can adress them using the repetition method(strength endurance), or a concentric only means (sled dragging, etc), so you don't kill the muscles or CNS, but rather flush them with blood while raising work capacity....

All forms of GPP / tempos can be done while keeping your heartrate at or above the 'aerobic threshhold', so simply jogging may be robbing yourself of valuable training time since the carryover may not be optimal.... well hell, isn't optimal.

I hope this helps.

Coach JR


Nate and the coach are right. Extended duration, low intensity activity like jogging is one of the WORST things you can do for boxing and basketball. Basketball is primarily anaerobic.

Sprints, agility runs, and footwork drills would be a much better way to go. GPP style work would be okay far removed from the season, but not closer to it or during.

For whatever reason, boxing is one of the last sports to leave the stone age of strength and conditioning. Don't look to the old methods on this, they're wrong.



Roger that, though you may becomce quite proficient in 30 minute runs. Deal in sport specific exersices that will transfer to your sport such as developing quickness, speed and a good vertical jump. This will include weight training and skill drills.

Good luck and keep us posted.


I think the ideas here are all good, but focused on differing things...

Are you using the morning runs as a recovery / base conditioning session that is removed from your CNS intensive work, or are you using it as a SAQ session?

The two are vastly different, so please clarify. That way you won't get low CNS intensity suggestions, coupled with high intensity CNS suggestions, such as SAQ work...

Make sense?