Morning Heart Rate?

Hi, i read that a higher heart rate is a sign of over training.
How many more beats ?
Or how much more % ?

Also how low can it be ?


Waking heart rate is not the thing you want to track - too many variables that can affect the reading. HEart rate variablity is the parameter you want to track:

Thanks for that link.
I have no clue how to use that info.
In my experience during the day my heart rate fluctuates according to what i ate, how much, when was my last meal.
How do you/may i monitor to use heart rate as a sign of over training ?
My morning seems stable, i have checked it 7 days in a row with only 1 beat per minute difference.
All the best !

I had it…it can be either result of a really hard run or something like it the day before or worse yet…months of over training… I backed off a few months and now all is fine. Even went to a heart specialist because I was so nervous. Sometimes its just getting in shape when you start really hard and you havent delt with it yet…wake up with fast heart or trying to sleep and its fast,

Thanks steviebeast.

Normal resting for me is mid-50s. Waking is high 40s. So there’s definitely a large difference. I think that if you’re tracking progress it doesn’t really matter as long as you measure it at the same time every time.

I do this to ALL my runner.

When you wake up in the morning, take your pulse. You will get an average over time (couple of months). You plateau after a while.

You will notice that when something is “wrong”, your heartbeat is above average.

I was introduced to this concept over 25 years ago and to this day, I can still “feel” when something is wrong when I wake up, without taking my HB.

Now, remember, this is a rule of thumb. It can mean stress (at work, school, home, etc), bad sleep (for whatever reason), getting woken up by the dog jumping on your privates, etc.

Thanks to all contributors.