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Morning Gyno


This is my second cycle. I'm taking 700mg/week of test and .5mg a day of arimidex. even on this dose of arimidex, my right nipple is ALWAYS sore for the first hour I'm awake every morning. I know i'm sensitive to gyno from my last cycle, hence the high adex dose, but my nipple is still sore in the morning.

The gyno is not yet visibly noticeable, thank god, but i'm worried that it is still getting bigger. I don't think the adex is fake, because everything else from that source was good and I'm not having any other estrogenic effects whatsoever. I'm going to have to keep using it for another week or two before I can get some letro and try that instead.

my question is, why is this happening only in the morning? I know endogenous test is highest in the morning so more aromatization might occur, but I assumed exogenous test would be at the same level through out the day, so why I'm I only having soreness the first hour upon waking?

I plan on getting some letro to replace the adex. I'm going to run the letro into my PCT to hopefully shrink up the gyno. I've had it since I was 13 (it was never visually noticeable) but i should be able to shrink it to its former size before this cycle started right?


Do you sleep on your side/belly? Also you might consider adding nolva to the arimidex. I know that isn't standard practice here, but I think nolvadex can be better than arimidex for reversing (not preventing) gyno.


Another option is to start a dose of arimidex which is too high, and then slowly lower the dose (rather than do the opposite).


I change positions constantly while sleeping, why?

I'm going to take nolva for the next few days and see if that helps


You probably are exhibiting signs of gyno from the sound of it, and I think a SERM like anime suggested is probably a good idea. Increasing AI dose may also help, but a SERM should shut down the gyno more quickly.

Just for mental masturbatory purposes, I've thought about why you would be experiencing this in the morning and not at other times. The best I can come up with is two scenarios:

  1. Your body utilizes growth hormone to make most repairs while you sleep. This is not the case during the day. So it may be that your body is utilizing all the test during the day (and hence no need to dump to E2), but at night when your T is in less demand, your body senses the higher levels and begins aromatizing to E2.


  1. Your metabolism falls during sleep. Less thyroid demand calls for less T (cortisol plays a role) so your body attempts to downregulate your T metabolism to match the thyroid (and cortisol) outputs. T -> E2.


thanks VTballa, thats exactly what I was looking for, a few theories on why this may be happening from someone more experienced then myself. The gyno is still not really noticeable to someone else, and I'm making fantastic gains from my cycle, so I'm not going to stop. I should have some letro in a couple of weeks. Plus after the cycle is finished i'm going to continue running the letro to try to shrink up whats there as much as possible