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Morning Coffee?

Hi Christian,
I know you’re pretty adamant about limiting stimulants pre-workout, but what are your thoughts on morning coffee if you train in the afternoon? There’s been a lot of articles recently hyping up the benefits of coffee for health and longevity and such, so I was wondering what your thoughts on it were. Would you see the same detrimental effects with morning coffee that you mentioned with pre-workout stimulants?

Coffee is fine, when it’s consumed within reason

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Around 3 per day okay? I take one coffee when I wake up (instant) then 4 Ricoré (40% coffee) so that rounds up to 3 coffee.

And after that can I still take green tea?

Not CT, but be aware that coffee makes your body more acidic, and green tea lowers your t production.

What are you trying to accomplish. Perhaps there is an alternative.

Really? I already have quite low T. But doesn’t coffee raises it?

Right now leaning a bit, but coffee is just for waking up, I take quite a long time to be really efficient

How does green tea lower T?

There are many other studies that say the same. I don’t think it’s a total deal killer, but you should be aware.

Interesting, although most of the groups were ingesting insane amounts of the extract (20 cups a day in the high group) but I could see some people drinking 5 cups, which was still shown to be beneficial. Doesn’t mean a ton to me since I usually have a cup or two of coffee a day and I’m done, but still good to know.

I cut out coffee completely about four months ago in an interest to raise my ph. I have a tendency for addiction and caffeine exacerbates that. I have low t as well, so I avoid green tea. I drink Teecino chicory and Dandy dandelion tea instead. It took a while, but I don’t miss it. And the Dandy is a great anti-oxidant.

I’m not sure I could cut out coffee completely just because I really enjoy the taste; I don’t really need the caffeine honestly.

I was in excess of eight cups a day, and then two or three caffeinated Diet Pepsi’s, just slightly out of control, lol.


Lol, Jesus, I thought I was bad.

Define cup.

I’ve found that my cup is actually three cups by the coffee pot’s standard. I drink at least 4 cups most days which is all 12 cups of the pot at work.

So my intake is probably better described in terms of pots. I drink 1 to 1.5 pots per day. It’s 2pm and I’m finishing off today’s pot right now.

Also depends how you prepare and drink it. 3 or 4 espresso spread over a day is not actually that much. 3 or 4 half litres with 2 or 3 shots worth in each and you’re probably going to excess.

Equally, if you drink it weak as piss then you can probably knock yourself out with the 3 or 4 litres!

When I was cutting weight I’d drink about 45 ounces in the morning then have some green tea in the afternoon just to keep myself from feeling like a pile of shit. So I was at about 2.5 of my little coffee makers pots.

To say it was hard to cut down to 2 cups a day is an understatement. Now that I did it though I feel fine

I enjoy the taste too. I don’t feel any of the caffeine anymore. I drink coffee for all occasions.

Tired, hungry, full, cold, and sore throat. And sometimes it just sounds good.

Damn is you blood black? I used to drink way more. Now I’m at 3 - 4 coffee spoons of instant coffee a day, and 1 - 3 green tea so really that’s not a lot.

During the college days it was more 6+ coffee and 3 liters of Diet coke

LOL, not yet! But my teeth do require a good scrubbing at the dentist every six months. In the last couple of years it’s gotten to the point where I know I’m due for my appointment based on how stained my teeth are.

In my line of work most people tend to live off of caffeine and nicotine. I managed to kick the tobacco habit but coffee is a staple.

Holy hell… I like my coffee as well, but I can’t even fathom drinking the quantities some of you do (or did).

The problem I such with such over consumption is tolerance and dependency. I’ve seen people around me who are unable to function without caffeine and show quasi-addiction symptoms.

I myself limit my caffeine intake to 1 cup per day, 3/4 times per week. Whenever I exceed 1 cup I get overly jittery/too hyped up.

Damn 3 liters of diet coke? That’s probably close to a pot of coffee caffeine-wise honestly