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Morning Cardio


Anyone know if doing cardio in the morning will make you lose muscle?I was thinking about doing low intensity cardio in the morning before breakfast but I'm not sure if it would be catabolic. What do you all think about this? Thanks.


Yeah it can make you lose muscle, try it for two weeks and measure your body fat before and after. Half a scoop of Low-Carb Grow! thirty minutes before cardio could help prevent catabolism.


Cthulhu -

This link will answer all your questions about pre-breakfast cardio.



Ok,cool.Thanks guys.


So if I have 2 scoops of a mix of casein and whey protein before morning cardio this won't stop fat burning? Because believe it or not,food in general raises your insulin.


Well, believe it or not, some food raises insulin more and faster than others. The slow release nature of these foods is not/NOT going to affect your fat loss. Let me rephrase, it may slow it down a tad--people disagree on this 'fact'-but the detremental effects of going on an empty stomach are far worse than the slight less fat loss you may incur. Not to mention the potential for the body to canabalise itself and then you are losing more and more muscle.

And really in the full scope of all training it is much to minimal to even consider. Unless of course you are in your 12th week of dieting for a show or something where every little micro cal is considered.


I've read the roundtable and anything, but I have to echo the OP in wondering about fasted cardio.

  • What time/intensity optimises fat burning?

...I was thinking I'd walk for ~40 minutes, at 3.5-3.7 MPH, about 20-30 min after having a protein shake, right after waking up.

What are other T-Nationers' experience with 'fasted' cardio?


Yup.You're right.I was just saying, since food in general raises your insulin,if it would stop fat loss or not.I just want to lose like 3 pounds that I gained from bulking.It's so misleading sometimes. No matter where I go some people say it won't do anything,others say it will be very catabolic.I just wish there was some super computer that would give you all the right answers in life.Know what I mean?Lol.


From what I hear you can slow jog for a good 30-45 minutes in the morning if you have a protein shake like Grow! .....before running that is.


If you are within 3 lbs of your current goal weight, I would forgo the am cardio. To big a chance of screwing up the equation and takin' muscle with it. IMO. Just tighten the diet a tad and on an off day or two do some aerobics over and above what you normally do now or try tabata once a week or every other week.