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Morning Cardio Then Lifting: Nutrition Question


So here is what I was thinking:

I'd like to reap the fatloss effects of some morning cardio on an empty stomach, but then I typically lift. If I spent 10min or so after cardio, had a proper pre-workout shake (gatorade, bcaa's etc..), stretched and warmed up to lift, would that seriously effect my training?

(Also, I wasn't sure where to put this thread. Here or nutrition, so Mods feel free to move it if you feel it goes better elsewhere.)


I've had good success with something very similar: fasted cardio, then BCAA's shake + 6oz frozen yogurt, lift, and couple bananas during


Sounds like a common training plan for athletes. Simplicity in design and timed conveniently. Seems like a good idea to me. Proper heavy lifting and overall calories will lead to desired goals.


this is what i do , 30/45 mins fasted cardio(bike riding outside or walking when its cold ) with 5g bcaa(without bcaa if im walking),come home have 25g whey 50g hi gi carbs 30 mins later hit the iron for 60/90 mins then pwo pro+carbs again . works a treat for fatloss


I'm going to give it a shot next week on my "conditioning" day where I'd typically do some tire flips & sledge hammering, some complexes and THEN cardio. If I can still do some of that flippin' and complexin' without skipping much of a beat I'll try it on one of my two heavy training days in the coming weeks.


dont forget youre only gonna do lo intensity cardio fasted then rest have some food and then train not fasted cardio n go straight to lifting ( sorry if iread you wrong)


I kind of have a similar question to this. If I do fasted cardio then have a PWO shake, will I not get anything out of the cardio?



Your cardio is effective because when you wake up your glycogen stores are as low as they will ever be throughout the day. It also revs up your metabolism for the following hours and gets the blood flowing, i dont think a PWO shake will affect anything, and I hope you mean a PWO shake after lifting after cardio, IDK of anyone taking post workout shakes after cardio, it wouldn't make sense


This has developed so much!

- Option to switch between units used for weighing food. Using g here!
- Take into account the typical serving size for some food items. Some foods come in cans and using say 2/3 of a can would be an odd number/wasteful.


I wake up and mix whey+water+instant coffee and hit the gym. I feel great whether im doing cardio or weights. I eat a good size meal afterwards for breakfast/post workout and it has been working good for me.


could i do fasted cardio, then continue my bulking diet and lift in the evening? this would help with putting on muscle while keeping fat minimal or?


for most, yes this can be a good way to ward off unwanted mass. just make sure you have a proper amount of calories in order to bulk.

tomorrow morning i'm going to try my idea. i'm gonna do 20-30min of fasted cardio, on my cooldown i'll throw back a carb/bcaa mix shake with a small amount of protien. stretch out for 5-10min and then by the time i walk outside to the tires, it should be 20-25min since i had a shake.

i'll report back how i 'felt' with my conditioning workout tomorrow sometime.


Take a P+F meal post cardio


Tested the fasted cardio and the lifting idea I threw around here....

Woke at 5:35, left house at 5:55. Got to the gym and started running around 6:10.
I did 20min on the treadmill at 6.0 MPH. Felt fine throughout.
I did a 2min cool down where I drank 1/2 of the shake below:
-35g gatorade powder
-25g whey
-5g BCAA powder

Then between the time I got off the treadmill, stretched, walked out to the tires and started smashing them with the sledge, it was about 20-25min.

Everything felt fine doing that and the rest of my training so I think I'll go at it again next week.


thats what i do , morning run "10km" then i weight lift, but weight lifting for me is only to complement mty Thai training. but again results are gr8.

gl with yours


Sounds good to me. I do bjj/mma stuff 3-4x a week but I'm a former powerlifter so I am trying like hell to keep my strength up and continue to use it to my advantage. So I do have more heavy work than most of the guys I train bjj/mma with. I'm sure with time it will be fewer and further between....but I just can't let go 100% (yet) haha.


Lots of frequent heavy non-fatiguing lifting. Focus on a body part split that emphasizes your physique goals and style preference. I know you know how to train, i'm just throwing in my .02 on the matter.


Btw 5-10 grams of dextrose would be a good addition to the first shake IMO. It shouldn't give less positive results.