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Morning Cardio, Noon Weights?

First off, I’ve had one physical issue after a other keep me outta the gym for quite some time, like 2.5 years mostly out.
So, my membership to a traditional gym, expensive, runs out in January. Because of cost, and because I’m fine with not having barbells available and dealing with their dumb asses for my own purposes, as I’ve done in the past, I’ll join a Planet Fn Fitness close by where I have quick there, easy in and out on Jan 1 (billing purposes, not a resolution).

The reason I’m getting back in on Jan 1 is not only for the monthly bill to come out on the 1st, but also coz my wife is taking Jan + Feb off…again, it’s not a Fn NY resolution thing. The place will be full of those butt clowns during hours I’ll not be there.

NOW OPINION/THOUGHTS TIME on wat I’m gonna do. And I’m gonna do it regardless of wat u say, I simply wanna hear wat u dudes think, if anything, on this approach.

Goal. 1st and foremost, is to drop body fat. I dont have enuf lean muscle to worry about losing so not a factor presently.
2nd, just slowly increase my strength back up to regular 50yo dude level.

I accomplish those 2 goals, I’ll evaluate a d consider maybe other goals then…


6 days, Mon-Sat, sometime between 0430-0600, when my eyes open, go do treadmill for as long as I can tolerate, beginner pace to start clearly, build over time
Mon-,Wed-Fri, Between 1030-1230, Full body, fairly light weights, mix of machines n dumbbells workout. Will get (assisted) dips and pullups in as first movements.

My Logic for this - Boot Camp, we rolled out, did PT then everything else. Everyone lost body fat regardless of how much they started with. PT began with a 1.5 mi run…then just pushups and situps. I can do the treadmill instead of running, and weights 3 times per week will way outdo the pushups & situps. Get off bodyfat, build some strength. That achieves my initial goals.

Always like to hear comments. Got any?

One thought. If you’re just trying to use cardio to burn body fat, six days a week “for as long as I can tolerate” may be more than you need. For example, guys following Dogg Crapp (a BB program with heavy weights known for its cardio requirement) typically do about 4 sessions of 30 minutes per week.

I say that to emphasize recovery. I think I’m a few years older than you and learned the hard way this year that recovery is key.

Also curious about the “fairly light weights” decision. Just how light is “fairly light”?


Good luck with the plan, I hope it works for you.

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So you want guys to waste time on giving you their opinion?


I think it’s a stupid idea.
There is no planning just a time in the gym commitment.
I think diet will play a role in whatever your goals are. You can do machines, weights, etc… you can’t work off a poor diet.
Where you workout is pretty irrelevant. You could walk outside, and do body weight exercises anywhere and make progress.
Do what you want, give an honest update in 6 months, see how well this current idea works.
Good luck, a blind squirrel sometimes finds a nut.


yes… but i will keep them to myself.

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endless cardio is not sustainable nor the best plan of attack.

A nice brisk walk around the neighborhood in the AM with some coffee…Fast untill pre training. Have a good pre workout meal. Lift hard and heavy, stay in a caloric defict. Last dinner around 8pm. That will give you a 12-14 hour daily fast.

Also i have found a new torture thats easy to do. Turn on a 30 minute netfilx show, and do nice and slow burpees the whole round. Keeps my HR 120s.


Or, start with virtually no cardio and a caloric deficit, and gradually add in a couple days of cardio once fat loss stalls and you don’t want to drop more calories, and then add in more days as you stall further.

Finally, let me address this:

I was at Parris Island. Couple things: the Marines are dumb as shit with regards to sustainable PT. It can only be defended because they’re training you to be able to walk for hours in full gear, and because they need to weed out the weak (in actuality they may have injured and weeded out perfectly good people). None of this applies to you as a 50 year old. Do not emulate what they do to 18 year olds that leaves us all with fucked knees and backs.

Congrats on making the New Years resolution to get in the gym! I hope you keep at it. Good luck man!

No, just sayin this is wat I’m GONNA do & IF anyone desires to comment I’d like to hear it. I’m not requesting advice, a custom program, or special anything, especially the wasting of time, hence my disclaimer of I’m going to do this regardless… if you wasted your time that’s on you.

Best of luck picking a fight somewhere else

Yup, recovery - good point. “As long as I can” presently ain’t long, like probably 20 mins max. I’m telling ya, I been a medical nightmare for 2.5 years and am in shit condition.

By “fairly light” I mean machines to work full body at weights I can do no more than 20 reps with, while performing 1-2 circuits of 10-12 reps.

Ha, thanks :slight_smile:
But not a resolution, it’s just how the timing works if you see the OP. But seriously, thx!

Thx :slight_smile:

Im not picking a fight… just pointing out how your statement comes across

Funny. I’m not a total noob, can handle nutrition just need to get it lined back out after not having done so for toooo long.
I also know my way around a regular gym as well as PF with their lack of barbells, and how to improvise. I’m nowhere near your proverbial blind squirrel, promise. Funny (and presumptuous) comment though.

Also, there is planning. I didnt disclose it bc I dont desire critiques. Was only curious as to comments on the cardio amount and weight frequency really. Got one solid comment on that - thanks. The cardio frequency may need cut for recovery, dunno. However, starting out I’ll try at all i have and adjust down rather than starting at 50% and adjusting up.

Duly noted, thx for your suggestions

Then I apologize. I misunderstood. Have a nice one.

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Again, this makes absolutely no sense. ESPECIALLY given you’ve admitted several times that your cardio levels are poor. You’re setting yourself up to burn out and stall your fat loss, and you’ll have no cardio to add as an extra tool when the fat loss does stall. Do you start at weights that are at 200% of your 1RM and adjust down?

That WOULD be quite a trick huh?!

I think im maybe .not communicating clearly. Starting out “with all I have,” referring to cardio, I meant I’ll start with my best effort, not a half ass show up and stop as soon as a drop of sweat forms, AND, do the 6 mornings. Translation for the real meatheads here = “I’m gonna try real hard bro!” :slight_smile: