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Morning Cardio & LL's Cool Tip

  Hi, this morning I tried morning-cardio for 30 mins (low intensity) right after taking a very little amount of yogourt and 1/2 scoop of protein + coffee...and i've read the cool tip on this subject but i'm still wondering if some of you are doing this regularly? did you notice any muscle loss by doing this?

Thanks for sharing your experiences.

P.S. My current goal is fat-loss.

Did it do it and been doing it for over a year now on a fairly religious basis and love it.

It works,


ok great.
What do you consume before that? Only coffee + 1/2 scoop of protein? or do you add few carbs?


I use just coffee, a half scoop of Low-Carb Grow! and whatever my morning supps at the time happen to be. Hit the street doing low to moderate cardio, either biking or xvest hike/walk.