Mormonism is a sham religion

I know some Mormons and they are great people. I am Catholic and will never switch. However, I have been reading and they have some beliefs that are seriously F*&%#@% up. They believe that they can themselves become a God. The world was supposed to end in 1913 or so, it didn’t. Also, anyone who isnt Mormon is going to hell. Does anyone know anything else about this cult? It is a cult. And I thought only Islam was a sham.

I know this one is a joke,and I shouldn’t answer,but something is telling me to.Yes,they are the ONLY religion with fucked up beliefs,haha.Whatever.Is it your religion that believes Moses parted the sea?Hold on while I part Halifax harbour and walk to Dartmouth.It’s obvious you’re doing this to start shit,no religion is any more of a scam than any other.

CWB, first of all if you want to be heard slamming a religion you do not understand is not the way. I am sure Mormons think some of your beliefs are f#$%ed up. That is not the way to start a discussion of religion. How would you respond if someone said the following: I read a little about Catholics and their beliefs are fucked they believe: (Prior to the second Vatican counsel) that the following are mortal sins and you shall perish in hell or purgatory for eternity for if not forgiven. 1. Divorce 2. Sex outside of marriage 3. masturbation 4. sexual conduct of any kind excluding procreation 5. Taking the name of the lord in vain (swearing). There is a huge list here. If you have ever read the indoctrinations of Catholicism from pre-second Vatican counsel you would think the same thing. What I am saying is you are ignorant. Please do not tell anyone else you are catholic that will bring more persecution to the religion with you speaking for us.

Okay, I’ll start off by saying I am NEITHER Catholic nor Mormon. I was raised in a Lutheran Church (my father is a retired Lutheran Pastor), now attend a Catholic church (my waife was raised Catholic), but consider myself a Christian. With that said, I believe that no one religion has it all right. Religion is a human interpretation of divinely inspired messages. We won’t REALLY know until it;s too late to do anything about it. There is a BIG difference between religion and a spiritual relationship (for Christians, it’s a spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ). Now think on this – the Catholic Church uses (for the most part) the same Bible as the protestant religions, which has the quote from Jesus “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father BUT BY ME.” (my emphasis) So, if the Catholic Church believes this quote, why do they pray to Mary and the saints? Jesus is the ONLY mediator. Just something that sticks out in my mind. Mormons have others as well, like a family member can be baptised to save another family member who has already died. Or that the only way the wife can ascend is if the husband “reaches out to her and pulls her up.” Okay, how about I finish on a lighter note? Here’s a joke: Why do you take TWO mormons with you on a fishing trip? Because if you only take one, he’ll drink all your beer.

bump to reemphasize that islam is the biggest of shams (ps im of no religion at all, but being a student of theology i have reached the conclusion that islam by far is the biggest croc o $h%T around - sorry!)

The original poster is just being a troll. Ignore he/she.

Catholics pray to Mary and other saints to HELP them on their journey–kind of like taking protein shakes, fish caps, etc. to help you build your muscles. Jesus is the way for Catholics, but all the other saints help us to get there. And I agree with you, all religions are flawed and weird in their own way. It is not wrong, however, to question a religion. It is only by questioning and challenging that we truly understand what we take on as a faith. Again, kind of like body-building: if you question methods and challenge your body, you will achieve and understand what it is you want.

All religions are somewhat based in part on bullshit. I personally was raised Catholic, but I find my religion very hypocritical. You must realize that all religion, no matter what you believe, is just a means of controlling people. Without something to believe in , and rules to follow, the world would be utter chaos (more so than it already is). As far as everyone who is not Mormon going to hell. I guess 98% of the world is going to hell in a hand-basket. As far as mormon being a cult. All religions in essence are a cult. Christianity was a cult. Judiasm, Islam, all of them. Hey, if you believe what they preach, so be it . As long as your a decent human being and live your life to the fullest you’ll go to Heaven, Valhalla, Allah or wherever you believe you’ll go when you croak. If you want to have faith. Have faith in yourself.

I figured someone would have the blanket statement that all religions are crap. The fact remains that Mormons belive that they can actually become a God. Deal with that one head on without saying all religins are a scam. By the way I am totally serious. Catholicism is really the only true religion.

Every religion is a sham religion. Your Catholic religion is nothing more but a cult too, of course, one of the most widespread ones. I do not care if you believe in God, Satan, spirits of your ancestors or tooth fairy, in my eyes, it is all a false belief. Yes,I am extreme militan atheist. :wink:

And the Troll of the Week award goes to…CWB for his/her fine performance in the thread “Mormonism is a sham religion”.


CWB: “I feel so honored to receive this award. First I’d like to thank Mom and Dad for instilling intolerance and raising me the right way. I’d also like to thank Joseph Smith and Brigham Young for founding a such a silly religion. Catholicism, unlike Mormonism, teaches that we can go to heaven if we eat magic crackers and wash them down with a slug of wine. And we Catholics have special paintings and statues that can help us get into heaven if we pray to them. Mormons, on the other hand, just have some really SILLY beliefs, like the belief that a person should pay their taxes and be an upstanding citizen.”

(turns off the sarcasm)

Demo Dick speaks: “Anyone claiming that they have found THE one, true way to God is not interested in your spiritual health. They are interested in your wallet, or are concerned that you may be having more fun in the bedroom than they are. Watch them closely.”

Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Catholicism isn’t all its cracked up to be, either.

But, the girls do look hot in their outfits (heh heh).

Amway is the only true religion.

CWB Donny Osmond is looking for your ass right now.

Catholics priests fondling little alter boys, need I say more?

religion doesnt mess up the world, morons do…

First off, CWD you need to watch the movie “Dogma”, if you think Catholicism is the best religion. Second, Mormonism is down right fucked up at times. The one thing that they do that really chaps my ass is Baptism by proxy or Baptism for the dead. They have baptized all of the Popes, Buddha, and Elvis. They will have some kid get baptized Mormon in the place of some one dead that was not Mormon. After the Holocaust the “Church” was moved to start baptizing the dead Jews from the Holocaust, needless to say the Jewish comunity got very pissed and now have some check the list of baptized people to make sure there are no Jews being baptized Mormon after they die. They do some other freaky stuff like every person when they are born get their future told and all of these futures are on record in the church. If you want some more info there was a good article in the “New Yorker” a while ago or you can search the web. I do feel that certain Mormons make their religion culty, but every organized religion can be made culty including your precious Catholicism.

I am still amazed everytime I hear someone tell me they believe in some divine creator. Yeah, he/she/it just snapped his/hers/its finger and here we all are. What god would let children starve to death, or let his priests sodomize boys? Why are women treated like second class citizens or worse? Mysterious ways my ass. I don’t need some book or god to tell me how to behave. That’s what we have brains for. I’m from eastern Canada and I’ve seen what a crock that Catholic church is. I’m more of a christian than alot of the cahtolics I’ve met. I’m not just picking on catholics, I think all religions are fucked.

I’m Christian… and have started (and continued) many many ‘discussions’ about religion. Faith, by definition, is belief without proof. I look around and see God everywhere. A scientist may look around and see the wonder of evloution. Just because we believe different things doesn’t make either of us right. The Catholic religion is pretty fucked up. Sorry. I was raised Catholic, I know what they teach. Then again, there are some pretty fucked up Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Shinto, etc. beliefs. None are 100% correct. We are imperfict beings trying to interpret DIVINITY. Guess what? We ALL got it wrong. Get over yourself, your religion is no better than mine - and that goes for anyone reading this post.