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Morgan Freeman is God


You know it, I know it cmon let's get this over with and start our Morgan Freeman cult off in style.


There's a Morgan Freeman cult?



For me he will always be Easy Reader.



Morgan Freeman is down with my sickness too.

I don't know what to believe anymore.


He's one of my very favorite actors. Especially in Shawshank Redemption.


No. No, he's not.


I make it a point everyday to ask people if they like Morgan Freeman. Anyone who says they don't gets a swift kick in the nuggies.


Didn't he marry his step daughter or something like that? Am I confusing him with someone else?



Hmmmm. Apparently just a rumor.


Or the American version of Michael Caine depending on how you view it............


"Like a twinkie, like a twinkie..."



Reading couldn't be any cooler.


You're thinking about the whole Woody Allen thing maybe?

By far the greatest voice ever.


He should have run for president.
Even if he's not a fave actor of yours,
he's got such an authoritive,confident attitude and voice,you just trust him.He seems to ooze wisdom and nobility.

And even if America was totally fucked,and he decided to lie through his teeth for the greater good,you'd believe his bullshit anyway.

Incidentally,'Deep Impact' was on just now as I was posting,with Morgan as president with two imminent meteors hurtling towards earth,that we all failed to stop.
He's cool as a fucking cucumber.He just lays it down and handles shit.I know it's a movie,but goddamnit....


Shawshank redemption just fucking rules.So many people I know can relate to something in it,it seems to cross almost all age/race/nationality/creed/culture barriers.I couldn't imagine it being as popular without Morgan,he mmade that role his own,it was perfect for him as it had the voiceover too. It has been mentioned in a few articles on here too,and listed as a 'Testosterone movie'....


I was high when I posted this thread, i'm down to let it die..


For a long time I have envisioned god as looking and sounding like Morgan Freeman.


Who has the cooler voice, Morgan Freeman or Dennis Haysbert (of 24 or Allstate Insurance fame)?


it wouldn't be his step daughter if he married her


they're almost the same person.

what about James Earl Jones

dont fuckin sleep on Mufasa.