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Morepain on Site Injection Enhancement


First as always let me issue my standard disclaimer. I don't argue on the internet so if you don't agree thats fine but i won't respond. Second, i have been jabbing myself with these chemicals for 20 years so chances are i know what i am talking about.

  1. I do not and would not ever use a SEO such as pump n pose of or any of the others, i feel what they claim to be an advantage (longer residual depot) is really a disadvantage and causes most of the fucked up misshapen muscle you see.

  2. I do not believe the compound itself is exerting any localized effect with regards to anabolic activity.

  3. So what does it do? Well it is simply the most effecctive way to stretch muscle fascia from the inside out. A similar effect to an extreme pump compounded with extemem stretching which also works to some degree.

  4. The most important thing IMO is that if you have not grown to a point where the fascia is truly the limiting factor than you will notice nothing, there is still too much room too grow in the existing restraints.

So i believe this is why alot of guys say it does nothing, they have not developed enough muscle tissue to fill the existing muscle fasci to a point of being prestretched for lack of a better word.

  1. So how do i do it, I use a short acting injectable such as tren acetate, winstrol, test suspension, masteron or whatever your flavor. then i inject the muscle group daily that i am "stretching".

For instance using tren compounded at 25mg/ml (you will know why in a minute) i shoot 1cc in each head of the biceps and 1 cc in each major head of the triceps...4 cc total in each arm or 100mg total(thus the low concentration). This gives you a nice temporary stretch that you can further exploit with manual stretching and high rep arm work.

  1. Results...personally my arms were 20" before i ever tried this, after 30 days they were at 22", after all self induced stretching they settled in at 20.5" . So i gained 1/2" on my arms permanently that i had not budged in years.

  2. this works best on smaller muscle groups just due to the volumes required on large muscle groups, works very well on calves but prepare to suffer.


Wow! FANTASTIC thinking, and post man. love it!


Very cool thinking...

thanks for sharing.

also, good to see back man.


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WELL....i hang around to keep tabs on your situation Bushy, i am keeping my fingers crossed and wish you the best. To JJ jesus christ you may require more volume to swell those damn arms up, fantastic, best physique i have seen on this site.

As for me hangin in there at about 260lbs on just hrt but i won't lie a big ass bulking cycle sure sounds nice, gonna wait until at least Fall. Any way here is the bicep at 21", you can see there is no malformations due to the site injections.


That's an off season Dexter Jackson in his avatar.


WHY did you have to tell him..?

It funny actually, most people on this site always thought of me as a black guy - due to my pics of dexter and Haney!


Jesus, i dunno whether to keep that avatar or replace it - i kinda like being "this size.."



haha I'M A RETARD! i thought that looked somewhat familiar, guess that shows how much i follow bodybuilding! LOL


but.. but.. by total coincidence, he is a real likeness to me.. ahem.. :wink:


Hey morepain,

Just wanted to second what others said, good to see you still hangin around for sure. And also, jesus man, with that upper arm at 21", look at the size of that forearm next to it too!

My god, that thing looks like a caveman club of meat just hanging there, lol.

Very nice.



jj looks like dexter from the neck up! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol jk man






I was just thinking the same thing, Huge Forearm


For what its worth to anyone Im pinning bis and tris this cycle myself as part of my site rotation. So Im now doing them ED like mp. There definitely is something to this spot injection protocol; I get some wicked pumps in the arms using this method.

Like mp I've been rather stuck at my arm growth. I will say this .5ml in a bicep is a lot for me and causes a lot of swelling and soreness. Triceps are not much of an issue per se. We'll see where I am in a month, perhaps I can finally cross the 19" barrier


Saps - do you mind if I ask what length and gauge needle you are using? Are you backfilling insulin needles 29 gauge/0.5"? And what are you injecting? Test prop?



For bis and tris I use 29G .5" needles [slin pins]. Im currently on TE and ND. So as aforementioned Im not hitting this daily like mp did. My point merely was that Im definitely becoming a believer in the whole fascia stretching thing.


I'll just add that I agree with MP's explanation of it, and agree that it would/should indeed work. Going from the inside out as we say, imo would be the most effective way of actually causing a tangible stretch in the fascia. I'm sure that DC style stretching works also, but likely to a much less profound way. The combination like MP suggested of the IM's and DC stretching etc, I think do in fact work. It's just not going to be to any huge degree. The accounting of MP's own measurements makes sense to me. He ended up with a .5" increase in size, and that's pretty significant once an arm is 20 plus inches imo. Note that initial increase was quite large, but then after settling the end result is still minimal. Though impressive at that size again.

Not to expect more than that though in the long run.
WHen I was religiously plugging away at the quads during runs, I definitely noticed a more significant increase in size of those quadricep muscles, than any others that weren't getting direct injecs, for what that's worth. In fact that increase has remained even when off and reduction of on size is accounted for.

Keep us posted Saps, hope to see you with some exciting stats on those numbers down the road soon.

Cheers gang.