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I remember that it took almost half the first “Predator” film (and the realization from “Billy”), that these guys were the “Ultimate Hunters”. This was made even clearer in the second “Predator” with Danny Glover (which, by the way, was a GREAT film; many thought that without “Arnuld” it would never work…but I thought it did…especially at the end, when Glover was not killed, but received a gift from the “Predator” leader for “surviving” the hunt.)

Then you have the “Ultimate Survivor”…the Alien…as “Ash” said…”I admire its purity, a survivor; unclouded by conscience, remorse or delusions of morality." (One of the great lines of Sci-Fi, by the way!)

Yep…Cameron and Scott are the ones to put together this eternal clash…Somehow they will have to interject speaking human parts in some sort of storyline, but I think that this clash will ba paramount.

Any thoughts? What did you guys think of the second “Predator”?

Preditor 2 was a solid action film, faultless in its conclusion and I loved it. However there was somthing about the orginal that puts it into the classic ‘t-movie’ catagory, big guns, big muscles and a lot of gore. Anyways most sequals can’t live up to there predisesors(bar Godfather 2) beacuse the originality is gone and the hero does not feature. Preditor 2 was massivly underrated.

Muasa- Your titles always seem cut off on your posts. Are you by chance using quotation marks in titles? That makes what’s in between disappear according to the mod. Just a note.

Thanks, Paul!

Yep…I think that’s what happens! (You NEVER quit learning)!

Boycie: You bet…I agree 100%! “Predator 2” has to be placed in the catagory of one of the most underrated films ever.

I saw both PI & PII in the theatre and I thought that PII was lame. I just couldn’t buy Glover in the role. I’ll have to rent it sometime to see what you guys saw in it. I’ve never rented it but have rented PI numerous times. I wonder how a Predator of Alien would handle a Terminator? Is that too much to hope for? Patricia?

I don’t know Mufasa. If they can make a movie with almost no talking and very little action (castaway) and be claimed a great movie, then I think they can do aliens v. predator in the same fashion, as long as they capture the tension of the hunt (I think they would both be hunting each other). I know they’re working on it, but I have no idea who “they” are :slight_smile:

I don’t think i have ever seen a Glover film I have liked, he is such a pathetic guy.

2 words

By way of gary’s involvement, predator 2 becomes one of the most important films of the century.

Adam Marshall - perhaps this forum’s biggest busey fan

I am looking forward to this – but wouldn’t it be a mismatch? The Predators have human level intelligence + advanced weapons + hunt all the time for fun. The Aliens are big bugs. I worry that we will end up with anither movie where swarms of something are blown up ad nauseum just to fill time.

Well, scenes were cut from Aliens that showed the Xenomorphs displaying intelligence. So they at least have the capability to learn. You ever notice how the Alien takes on the characteristics of its incubatory host? For example, in Alien 3 the bug was incubated in a dog, and it came out running REAL fast on all fours.

If I were a filmmaker, I would incorporate Aliens that were incubated in Predator hosts. Cool possibility, huh? Hollywood will screw it up anyway, so it doesn't really matter.

Huck I think the Aliens are a little smarter than bugs. They track and hunt prey for incuabation purposes. In Resurrection they showed an ability to think. I don’t know if you’ve seen that one and I don’t want to spoil it for you but, two of them killed another to make an escape from the chamber. I think they would be a good match for the Predators

You guys have some good points, but it still seems like a mismatch. Now on to really important things… Who would win, Mighty Mouse or Superman?

That depends, does Mighty Mouse get to snort a few lines of coke before the fight?

That is an interesting point. As one who is (from back in the day) fairly well versed in such things, I would say that MM would be better advised to do a line of good bathtub crank, and one nembutol. The N would numb any pain, and the crank would counteract the sleepiness of the N, while providing a little ferocity and paranoia. Hallucinogens are definitley out. They make you see cartoons.