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More Yolk?


So, this past weekend, I was scrambling up some eggs for breakfast for my gal and I. She had 1 whole egg + 2 egg whites, and myself 3 whole eggs. Since there are starving children in Ethreeopia, I decided to toss the 2 extra yolks from her whites into my eggs, so I ended up with 3 whole eggs + 2 yolks.

Comments? Criticisms? Is it something I should consider doing more often, or never, ever, ever, never again? From what I can figure, it's a pure P+F meal; No harm, no foul. Am I overlooking anything??


I don't think so, yolks rule. If I were forced, I'd rather throw out the white.


i eat 5 whole eggs ever day, as long if its a P+F meal


Hey bro Yup Yolks are good I consider them more as a GOOD fat and source of protein with a side effect of having some QUALITY protein.

If you dont eat them at breakfast save them put them in the fridge or even freeze then and you can use the at a later high fat meaal. They are AWESOME for making sauces etc. like Bernaise sauce. Or thickening soups. Hell Ive even used tem as the fat base in my icecream maker b4.

NO hram in having them IMO as long as you are getting your other fats throughout the day.

Thats my take,


i eat a lot off eggs, 12-24 a week avg. and i also eat a good bit of hollandaise, which is basically butter and egg yolk and some seasoning, and my doctor is fine w/ it, says my #'s are great etc.. but that's me. you're #'s will vary.

if you're eating lots of scrambled eggs or omelets one thing that may be of concern to you is oxidized cholesterol which is greater in scrambling/omelets not only because of the exposure but also the iron in egg whites is the ultimate catalyst for oxidation. google "oxidized cholesterol" and you'll find plenty.


I dont know if there is any truth to this, but I heard from a nutritionist at my gym that egg yolk causes inflammation in the body. Does this mean that egg yolks are good quality fats but it needs to be consumed in moderation? What exactly does inflammation do to you body?


I've been eating 6 WHOLE eggs a day for 22 years
B.P is fine
Cholesterol is fine. Yolk away!


WTF?Egg yolks aren't bad for you! Egg yolks are very good for you.Full of vitamins believe it or not.Don't worry,Cholesterol doesn't really make your Cholesterol go up.

I usually eat 3 egg whites mixed with one whole egg.Put some low fat/fat free cheese on it and it's great.However,I do try to eat organic eggs because now they're shooting crap like omega 3 and shit in eggs.I don't want anything shot into my eggs.I just want the fat and protein!!lol.My god damn eggs!


haha, so that's how they get that "shit" into eggs these days. i've been wondering about that for awhile now.


Yeah it's crazy isn't it? They've even started injecting them with creatine too!



That probably just might maybe perhaps be because I made that bit up. Sometimes sarcasm doesn't quite come through on the internet.


I consume 3-4 eggs daily mixed in raw in my after workout shake.

I've read a couple of studies a long time ago that said that the testing of the yolk for cholesterol was inaccurate because the tests were done with dry yolks and the oxidation process from the drying actually changed the chemical constituency of the yolk.

Other studies cited that the egg yolks contained all the enzymes within them that are needed to break down the cholesterol and everything else they contain.

I don't take anything at face value but practice discernment with respect to any information I come across. The bottom line is to be in tune with your body and see if they help or hinder you in your training goals.

In my opinion, the egg is a whole, complete nutritious food. Why would you want to dissect it and only eat a part of it.


um, actually they just feed the chickens a diet that includes flax seed, so that the o3 to o6 ratio is a little more balanced. they don't inject anything and these eggs are no worse and probably healthier than regular or organic eggs that come from corn, soy, and/or cow-parts-fed chickens. but that's just my opinion :wink:


I've ate 12 whole eggs a day for a while (cant afford meat). It only did me good.


On par with this thread, anybody have an opinion on what size of egg is best? Any knowledge of a difference of white to yolk ratio or cost efficiency in large, jumbo, etc., eggs?

Not trying to be too nitpicky, because I hate when people do that on here, just curious...


Most of the beneficial vitamins are in the yolk!


Exactly, yolks are good for you and they have mostly the good cholesterol. Cage free eggs are some of the last unprocessed foods with perfect omega 6 to 3 ratios we have left to enjoy, so let's do it to it's fullest. My girlfriend is the same way. I love the woman but her "ultra-fat-free" attitude has been driving me nuts. She's begining to get it, though, slowly but surely. A week ago she finaly uttered "maybe I could use some more healthy fats in my diet". Hearing that was worthy of dropping a tear.


How do you decipher good cholesterol from bad cholesterol? Are they not one in the same?



Just like sugars divide into sucrose, fructose, dextrose and so on.... LDL is the 'not so great' cholesterol and HDL is the healthy one. Cage free eggs have a good HDL/LDL ratio and eggs in general had shown NOT to be linked with disease.

If you decide to do research keep in mind that the USDA is worried about all the lardasses who will get a stroke just by looking at something fat. That's why they recommend minimising egg consumption. A normal person who is active and especially a person who works out has nothing to fear.