More Workout Nutrition Controversy!

Thought I’d stir some up.

The studies on pre workout nutrition using fasted individuals is very interesting isn’t it?

"you have not eaten in 8-10 or more hours, then you are made to work out on a (very) empty stomach.

Under those particular circumstances, does it not make sense getting something to eat before the workout would be superior to after the workout"…Duh.

I wonder who sponsored that study and i wonder if those parameters were deliberately engineered that way to give a favourable outcome to the study meaning companies could sell more supps???

Who knows? I do find pointless studies like those amusing. I had to do some mini-paper for my humanities course and was finding all of these studies with breaking news. Gasp Kids DO get overweight not doing anything. Who would’ve thought?

Yeah, Cosgrove mentions these studies a lot. I don’t think he’s against post workout nutrition, just thinks the results are amplified too highly.