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More Women in Power?

I was having one of my weekly cheat meals at a local sushi spot, when I overheard a guy eating with 3 females talking politics. I did not get much but, I did hear him say, “I truly believe the world would be better with more women in power, I really do” Whether he believed it, I don’t know as it is pretty obvious what his goal was.

What do you all think? I do not have much of an opinion as it pertains to world affairs but, judging by the state of public education….

It all went wrong when women got a vote. Prove me wrong! (this is going to be a doozie)

I think it’s a vague, vapid statement … anyone uttering it had zero clue what they’re talking about

Also that dude is probably a beta orbiter

Just to be clear, I have zero issue with a woman being “in power”, per se. If she’s a compliment leader, no issue.

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Giving or receiving?

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Think he’s trying to get laid.

I’ve come to the point where I have a slight preference to work for / with women. I work in renewable energy finance which, like most other forms of finance, is male-dominated and replete with no-substance good-pedigree douchebags. Typically, the women that I find in more senior positions are very smart, capable, rational thinkers that don’t succumb to the emotional decision-making and posturing that I often find with men in similar roles. I don’t subscribe to the notion that either gender is innately more capable or better, but I do think that the women that have found success have had to perform to a higher standard than their male colleagues. So this isn’t to say that women are better, but I do think there’s strong signaling value with the women in my little corner of the universe.

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As a (basically impossible-to-conceive) thought-experiment, consider how human history might’ve unfolded if the
vast majority of empires and now nation-states had been run nearly exclusively by women

My hunch: we’d have killed far fewer of each other to this point, if nothing else

Same in my field. The women in leadership roles are whip smart, and typically great to work with. None are incompetent, though some can be hard-driving assholes at times. I know a number of incompetent men in leadership roles though.

Women make up half the population. Adjusting for family care easily 30% of leadership roles should be filled by women if we were going by pure merit.

That is unless you think that women have intrinsically less merit than men… Which the first two posters obviously do.

I’m fine with more women in power, as long as they’re chosen for their ability and merit, not gender. Similar to affirmative action and race quota hires.

My hunch is we would have accomplished much less as a species.


Well, we have had women in those positions, Isabel the Catholic for example, and she had no problems with killing Muslims, expelling Jews and Muslims, and instituting the Inquisition.

Anna of Russia was a psycho.

Queen Victoria ruled over a racist, genocidal empire.


You don’t know what merit means if you want to dole it out percentage wise to any particular demographic. That’s the exact opposite of merit. Unless of course you argue having a vagina is a merit (it could be seen as a merit, but it has nothing to do with leadership or decision making)

Female led society.

It either acts like a man, and gets its men to do all the killing.

Or is so weak and effeminate that any moderately warlike opposition would walk over it.

Or the woman would “refugees welcome here” and despite mah’ feminisms and, women’s rights would invite in the patriarchal men of a certain religion that has no respect for feminism, and put them in a place far worse than anything they had experienced before .

Bet that was a manly man.

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If I had a choice, I’d employ mostly females.

This sums up one of the main reasons:

Recently I’ve been accepting government sponsored “interns” still halfway through school due to national measures for “post covid living” and even then they’re way more driven than males. I don’t pay much and I don’t really have much for them to do but the females take even minor tasks seriously while males seem to think it’s “beneath” them. This is all only my personal observation. Males generally don’t take shit like this seriously and there’s a general higher feeling of entitlement when it comes to their education level vs expected job prospects.

It’s pretty much the same when I employ normal graduates.

My main problem is that I live in Asia and women here typically put their careers on hiatus after giving birth so, due to the nature of my industry, the cost and effort of finding a replacement is pretty shitty, Add the cost of maternal leave and mandatory perks during their employment when they’re pregnant since they generally don’t resign during this period and it’s a big deal breaker. It may be different in the West.

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Everyone seems to be missing the most stunning part of this thread:

Your cheat meal is sushi? Feck me, I’d be downing sushi most meals if I could. I literally had a pizza with candy on it a few cheat meals ago haha


I think you’re thinking in extremes and this would actually add to the argument that, excluding the biological stuff, gender roles are mostly a social construct. Women engaging in wars isn’t “acting like a man”. Any human who’s worked his/her way up to such a high leadership role and understands politics would do such a thing if required. They’re not going to fold if the odds aren’t massively stacked against them either.

The current feminist wave and their collaboration with other “oppressed” groups is just stilly and often self-contradictory to the point of absurdity. I don’t consider it a reflection of the typical female.

What came first? Gender roles as a social construct or the biological realities that influenced society in codifying those roles?

I was actually editing the post you replied to to add on some stuff but I’ll paste it here lol:

Yes, I’m aware that there are studies involving more egalitarian societies having a larger gender divide when barriers to employment based on gender are much less and people more are free to choose their vocations. These do not take into account the thousands of years of social conditioning PRIOR to this.

The world changes and technology advances. Gender roles can adapt similarly. Whether this is a good or bad thing is beyond the scope of this exchange and I don’t want to get cancelled.


Seriously, even a very distinct example can be seen today. Females were generally less suited for manual labour. There’s been a rapid advancement in tech and the increased requirement for skilled coders. Gender isn’t a limitation when it comes to this.

Apply this to even the military. We generally don’t want women in the frontlines but tech has improved to the point where certain vocations from intelligence to drone operation are outsourced to private contractors due to the lack of skilled manpower (at least where I live). Gender isn’t a limitation either and these things should be done inhouse for fucking obvious reasons with proper training for the ones in charge.