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More Winstrol Qs

Adding to what Free Extropian asked - since the liver will have to metabolize every single mg of Winstrol either ingested orally or injected, is it not now safe to conclude that drinking injectable Winstrol will have the same effect as injecting it. I did 2 two week cycles of Sustanon and Winstrol, injecting it the first time and drinking it the second time - with no significant difference… On an effective dose of 50mg/day, and maybe for the last four weeks of an 8 week cycle it’s a lot easier to just drink it (in divided doses throughout the day) instead of feeling like a pincushion!

drinking or taking winny tabs will go through the liver TWICE in comparison to ONCE by injection. Yes there is a difference and if you have the injectable why dont you use it as that–an injectable. I would not put any more stress on your liver than you have to.

It isn’t correct that an injected steroid will necessarily go through the liver “only once.”
If that were the case then the half life would
be only minutes. In the case of a steroid where
the half life is hours, it must pass through
the liver hundreds of times before finally
being metabolized.

And as for how many times it is metabolized
before being excreted in the bile, it’s
exactly once (providing we mean by
metabolization, glucuronidation, or hydroxylation followed by glucuronidation.)

Agree with Bill Roberts here. You might even think that injectable Stanozolol makes MORE passes through the liver as it takes longer to metabolize, i.e. longer half-life than ingesting it orally. But that’s also due to other reasons…